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1. What is a Free Bet Conversion Calculator?

A Free Bet Conversion Calculator (also known as a free bet converter or free play calculator) is a tool that helps online bettors calculate their payout from a free bet. Often used in matched betting, this helps users understand how to maximize their earnings by converting free bets into real money. 

To use this calculator, the only information you need is your free bet amount, the free play line (the odds of the team you’re betting on), and the hedge line (the odds of the team you’re betting against).


2. How Does a Free Bet Conversion Calculator Work?

A Free Bet Conversion Calculator works by calculating the value of the free bet against the odds of a free play line and hedge line (provided by sportsbooks). The calculator will then show you how profitable your free bet would be at these odds.

Simply put, this is the process:

  1. Input your free bet amount

  2. Input the odds of the team you're betting on (from one sportsbook)

  3. Input the odds of your betting against (from another sportsbook)

  4. Read the results: you'll now see how profitable these choices are and how much to place on your hedge bet to achieve them

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3. Who Should Use a Free Bet Conversion Calculator?

You no longer have to be a seasoned bettor to benefit from profit-building calculators like free bet conversion calculators. Matched betting (also known as free bet conversion) has made it easier than ever.

With the simple how-to guides, one-to-one support, and affordable subscriptions many matched betting companies offer, today anyone with an internet connection and a few hours of spare time can make money with the help of free play calculators.

Whether you're a student saving, a stay-at-home parent seeking financial independence, or a full-time worker looking to top up your income, matched betting tools like free bet conversion calculators can make starting a risk-free side hustle in your free time a breeze.


4. What Type of Bets can Free Bet Conversion Calculators Calculate?

Free bet conversion calculators can calculate potential returns from a whole host of bet types, from single bets to parlay bets. Some of the most common include:

  • Single Bets: Bets on a single selection, such as betting on a specific team to win a football match.

  • Parlay Bets: Bets on multiple selections where the outcome of one bet affects the next. The calculator helps determine the overall profit for many of the various parlay offers available.

  • Stake Not Returned: Many sportsbook free bet do not include the winnings. A free bet conversion calculator factors this in the calculations.

  • Stake Returned: Although not as common, some sportsbooks offer stake returned free bets and the math behind the scenes differs to the more common stake not returned free bets.

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What Type of Bets Can Free Bet Conversion Calculators Not Calculate?

It is also worth noting that not all betting types can be used in all free bet converters, often due to complex rules and timings. Some common examples include:

  • In-Play Bets: Bets placed on games in real-time. In-play odds can change rapidly, making it difficult to accurately predict potential outcomes in real time.

  • Cash-Out Bets: Bets with the cash-out option (where you can settle your bet before the event ends) can be difficult to calculate due to profit depending on the time of the cash-out.

  • Non-Sports Bets: Bets on events unrelated to sports, like political elections or entertainment awards, as the outcomes and odds can be vastly different.

  • Complex Parlays: While most calculators can handle standard parlays, more complex parlays with intricate rules (such as round robin parlays) may not be practical to calculate accurately.


6. Free Bet Conversion Calculator vs Free Play Calculator: What's the Difference?

Free bet conversion calculators and free play calculators essentially refer to the same tool. However, there are some slight differences between 'free bets' and 'free plays' that it helps to be aware of:

Free Bet:

  • A free bet is a promotion offered by bookmakers or sportsbooks, primarily in the world of sports betting.

  • It allows you to place a bet without using your own money. If your free bet wins, you receive the profits.

  • Free bets are often given as part of welcome bonuses, promotions, or as a reward for ongoing activity. They are usually tied to specific events, odds, or requirements.

Free bet and free play symbols

Free Play:

  • Free play is a term more commonly used in the context of online casinos or gaming platforms.

  • It allows you to play casino games, such as slots without having to wager your own money. Winnings from free play are typically credited as bonus funds or credits.

  • Free play is often used to attract new players to online casinos, and it can be part of a no-deposit bonus, where you don't need to make a deposit to use the credits.

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7. Tips for Maximizing Your Free Bets and Free Plays

To elevate your betting experience, it's essential to have a solid strategy in place. Some game-changing tips for maximizing your free bets and free plays include:

  1. Use a free bet conversion calculator to predict your potential winnings beforehand.

  2. Use matched betting platforms rather than traditional gambling to ensure you guarantee a return.

  3. Develop an understanding of your sport or game of choice to fine-tune decision-making.

  4. Stay informed about ongoing promotions and special offers.

  5. Make sure you calculate your odds correctly (different bookmakers may use different odds formats e.g. American,  decimal, fractional). An odds converter can help with this.

  6. Make use of extra calculators such as a no-vig calculator, which takes the 'juice' out of odds, an expected value calculator, which calculates the expected profitability of your bet, or an arbitrage calculator, which lets you compare odds to find risk-free arb opportunities.

  7. Track your winnings accurately (this can be made easy with tools like a Profit Tracker).

  8. Avoid impulsive betting – always have a clear strategy


8. How to Make Money Using a Free Bet Conversion Calculator: A 4-Step Process

Ready to level-up your betting game and start making money using a free bet conversion calculator?

Below you'll find the 4 simple steps to get started using a free bet calculator and - most importantly - begin building profits with it.


1. Choose the Right Free Bet Conversion Calculator

Free Bet Conversion Calculator

Navigating through the sea of free bet conversion calculators to find the right one can be daunting. However, choosing a badly designed calculator can have devastating effects on your experience.

Some key features you should look for in a solid calculator include: ease of use, ability to handle American betting types and added on-page tips & information.


2. Select a Profitable Betting Platform

Many different bookmakers exist in the US, each of which offers their own promotions and odds that can change by the minute.

For sports bettors this can mean trawling through betting platforms and signing up one-by-one to hunt down best free bets. Add to that that this could all be wasted if you lose your bet, and you can see why messing up this step could be a real bummer.

But this isn't your only option. There is a way you can rapidly compare odds and promotions for your calculator, and best of all, guarantee profits.

Free bet promos


Unlike traditional betting platforms, matched betting platforms pull together all free bets, odds and events from bookmakers in your area for you to pick from as you please. The best part? You literally cannot lose. Matched betting's clever process covers every outcome of an event, meaning you cash in your free bet regardless.

So long story short, if you want to eliminate risk, save hours of time & effort and guarantee profits, it's probably worth signing up for a matched betting platform.


3. Set Up Your Account

Now that you've chosen the platform you want to use for your free bet conversion calculator, you'll want to set up an account to begin reaping the rewards.

If you choose traditional sports betting, setting up accounts across several sportsbooks can mean hours filling in personal, bank and social security details before claiming one-off signup offers, and repeating.

ProfitDuel free trial sign up page

Matched betting platforms, on the other hand, involve a one-off signup that can be completed in minutes.

The best part? Some matched betting platform subscriptions are extremely affordable. At ProfitDuel, we even offer new members a 7-Day $1 Trial to get them started earning profits at zero cost. 


4. Begin converting free bets

Now you're ready to use your free bet conversion calculator to forecast your free bet wins and level-up your betting profits.

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At ProfitDuel we walk our members through this stage using an easy-to-use guide like the one above. Pair that with our team's unrivalled customer support, and converting free bets into risk-free cash has never been easier.

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The best part? You can begin making profits using this process with our 7-day $1 Trial. Here we'll walk you through locking in $100+ of profit with your welcome offer in your first hour.

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