Want to make risk-free cash converting online sportsbook and casino offers into guaranteed profit? Matched betting could be the perfect side hustle for you.

It's fast, flexible and has helped 500,000+ people across the US and Europe increase their income. Any questions? Don't worry, we've got all the answers.



Matched betting is taking the US by storm. Seriously, in the past few years, it's expanded from 0 to over 30 states and counting!  So, you'll no doubt have some questions. But don't worry, we've got answers.

Below we've compiled everything you need to know to master matched betting.


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What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a proven side hustle that helps you make money online by converting free bets offered by online bookmakers into cash you can withdraw. 

Matched Betting is not gambling, it's a technique that allows you to win and lock in a guaranteed profit on a sporting event no matter what the result.

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How much money can you make from matched betting?

The amount of money you can make varies from around $300 per month to $2,000+ per month. Overall earnings really depend on how much time you can spare each month. 

An hour per day should help you achieve around $1,000 each month. This works out at around $30 per hour.  Like everything the more time and effort you put in the better the rewards.

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How does matched betting work?

Matched betting works by cancelling out the risk on the 'back' bet at an online sportsbook by betting against yourself at the same odds (known as 'laying' a bet) at a betting exchange or another sportsbook. In other words, you are 'matching' your bet.

Using this technique you can unlock free bet offers and use the same process to convert these into cash you can withdraw.

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How long does it take to learn matched betting?

Learning the concepts of matched betting usually takes around one hour with the help of our online guides and video tutorials. Once you've grasped the basics, each matched betting offer will take around 15 to 20 minutes.

In this initial learning phase you should earn a few hundred dollars.  Keep focused and you can ramp up to $1,000 to $2,000+ per month.

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How do I get started with matched betting?

Getting started matched betting is simple. To make your first profit all you need to do is sign up for your trial and redeem your welcome offer.

Want to take your earnings to the next level? Follow these 10 steps and you can go from earning $0 to $2,000+ per month matched betting in your free time.

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Which states can do matched betting in the USA?

Today over 30 US states have opened their doors to online sports betting, and therefore legally allow the process of matched betting to take place.

But what are the laws around matched betting? Which specific states can I matched bet in? And do you have to be a resident of one of those states to matched bet there? We cover all those and more in this piece. 

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Are there any risks with matched betting?

The simple fact the term matched betting has the word 'betting' in it naturally makes some people think it has a level of a risk involved in it.

In reality, one of main ideas behind matched betting is to remove the risk associated with betting. However, there are still some crucial considerations you should keep in mind before kicking off your matched betting journey.  

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Are there any tools available to help with matched betting?

A range of tools and calculators can be used to assist with matched betting calculations. These include dutch calculators, EV calculators, oddsmatching software, offers calendars and more.

These work together to speed up and simplify the matched betting process so that even those with zero previous experience can make profits.

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Is income from matched betting taxable?

Income from matched betting is taxable in the USA. The IRS considers it as income from online betting/sports betting and expects individuals to report and pay taxes on their profits.

Keeping accurate records of earnings and losses is essential for fulfilling tax obligations, and is one of several rules matched bettors should be aware of.

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"Student nurse made £30,000 in 3 years from just 4 hours a week with this method."
The Guardian logo
"The money I have made has been absolutely risk-free"
"By laying the right amount, you guarantee a profit regardless of the result."
The Telegraph logo
"The 'risk free' method millenials are using to top-up their income."
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"A completely valid and risk-free method of topping up your bank balance."

Is matched betting gambling?

With the word 'betting' in its title, no one would blame you for assuming matched betting was a form of gambling. But you might be surprised.

Matched bets are not a form of gambling. The matched betting process covers every potential outcome of a sporting event, cancelling out the risk associated with the bet, and ensuring the bettor doesn't gamble any of their cash.  

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What is an online sportsbook?

An online sportsbook is a digital platform that allows individuals to bet on various sporting events. Different sportsbooks are managed by different betting companies.

To attract new customers and retain existing ones, online sportsbook bookmakers offer free bet promotions and signup offers. For example: bet $10 and get a $100 free bet.

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Which types of sportsbook promos can I use?

From free bets and risk free bets to depiost matches, a wide range of sportsbook promo offers can be converted into risk-free cash using the matched betting process in the US. 

Here cover five of the most common, how they work, and how you can begin converting them into guaranteed profits with matched betting. 

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What is a free bet?

A free bet is a type of promotional offer offered by sportsbooks, usually to encourage new users to create an account. Free bets allow users to place bets without risking any of their own money, and can range from $5 to $5,000 in value.

In matched betting, free bets play a crucial role, as they are one of the main promo types that can be converted into guaranteed cash. 

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What is a risk-free bet?

It's easy to get mixed up with free bets and risk free bets and think they're the same thing. But they're actually quite different.

While free bets offer bet credits for signing up/depositing, risk-free bets act more as insurance. For example, a $200 risk-free bet means you can bet $200, and if the bet loses, the sportsbook gives you $200 back. But that's not all there is to it. 

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What is free bet conversion?

Free bet conversion is simply another term for matched betting. It involves converting sportsbook promotions (such as free bets) into guaranteed, withdrawable cash using a clever process. 

While it's named free bet conversion, it's not just free bets that can be converted into cash using this process. Other promos such as risk-free bets, deposit matches and reload offers can also be converted. 

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What is a qualifying bet?

A qualifying bet is the initial wager required to unlock sportsbook free bets from online bookmakers. This can be achieved by placing two bets on opposing outcomes of a sporting event. These are known as a "back" bet and a "lay" bet.

After the event, you will receive a free bet which can be converted into withdrawable cash.

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What is a hedge bet?

In both matched and traditional sports betting, a hedge bet is placed after your original bet (A.K.A back bet) to cover every outcome of an event. Think the phrase "hedging your bets" and you get the idea. 

In matched betting, placing a hedge bet on an event allows you to cancel out bet risk (having already bet on the other potential outcome) and still receive your free bet promo. 

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What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange pairs up individual bettors, enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) betting. This means, unlike a sportsbook which is based on fixed odds, a betting exchange allows more fluctuation in odds.

This makes betting exchanges an incredibly useful tool for matched bettors, allowing them to hedge bets at better odds to increase overall profits. However, not every state has a betting exchange. 

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James From Delaware - ProfitDuel - Customer Story

“I made $1,000 to put towards my grandson’s college education in my first four weeks.”

- James, Delaware

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John from New York

“Three months in and I've already banked $3,712. That's our family vacation to Florida paid for!”

- John, New York

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Kayleigh from New Jersey

“Grocery and energy bills are no longer a worry, it's helped me take back control of my finances.”

- Kayleigh, New Jersey

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Ken from Delaware

“I was blown away by the value on offer. The promos over here are way more lucrative than in Europe.”

- Ken, Delaware

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Paul from New Jersey

“I'd never heard of matched betting in my first week. 2 months in and I'm $2,400 up... winner!"

- Paul, New Jersey

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Leah from New Jersey

“It's helping me pay college fees better than any part-time job I've had, and it's way more flexible!"

- Leah, New Jersey

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Adam from New Jersey

"One phrase to sum up matched betting with ProfitDuel? It’s virtually free money.”

- Adam, New Jersey

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What is a bankroll in matched betting?

In matched betting, your bankroll refers to the amount of money you need to complete an offer. Different offers will require different bankrolls depending on their minimum deposits. 

Also known as a 'float' your bankroll is a deposit rather than a cost.  As a rule of thumb, the higher the bankroll you have, the more generous matched betting opportunities you can unlock.  

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How can I deposit and withdraw funds from sportsbooks?

The process for depositing funds into sportsbooks can vary from company to company, however, these five methods are generally accepted: online banking, Trustly, debit card, credit card and Paypal.

Withdrawing funds, though simple, can involve a few more steps and considerations. We cover all of those and more in this piece.

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How do different betting odds types work?

Different odds types are used in betting around the world, such as American odds,  decimal odds and fractional odds. These all measure probability, but which variation you see can vary depending on your location or the sport/market you're betting on.

Here we offer a simple overview of how these different odds types work, and how you can convert them quickly and easily.

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How do I find the best odds for matched betting?

To find the best odds for matched betting, two tools are essential: the Dutch Matcher and the Dutch Calculator. 

The Dutch Matcher automatically scans all events in your area and shows the ones with the perfect balance of odds for matched betting. Once you've picked an event, the Dutch Calculator tells you how much to place on each side to guarantee a profit. 

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Is matched betting legit?

Having helped more than 450,000 users across the US and Europe earn $1,000s per month, grown its presence to 26 states (and counting) and been covered by some of the globe's most trusted media, matched betting has cemented itself as a totally legit (and profitable) side hustle in the last two decades.

In this piece, we delve into those numbers and why it's become such a popular money-making method.


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Does matched betting affect my credit score?

Matched betting does not impact your credit score. In the eyes of banks matched betting falls under gambling, and as quoted by credit experts Experian "Gambling activity does not show up on your credit report, nor does it directly impact your credit history."

Regardless, it can be beneficial to keep all of your matched betting activity in a separate account for profit handling and organisational purposes. 

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Can you matched bet using casino offers?

Heard of the phrase "The house always wins"? Well, that's not the case with online casino matched betting.

While typically linked with sports betting, matched betting can also be applied to online casino offers. By using a clever process to take advantage of RTP (return-to-player) variances, users can make added risk-free profits with online casino matched betting.

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What are reload offers?

Reload offers, also known as ongoing offers, are promotional offers provided by sportsbooks for existing users to encourage them to continue betting with the sportsbook.

These are unlike welcome bonuses, which are only provided when a user first signs up to the sportsbook. Still, many reload offers can be converted into guaranteed cash through matched betting. 

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What is Dutching?

Dutching is a betting technique that involves betting on every outcome of a sporting event to ensure a profit no matter the result.

In matched betting, this technique is used to remove risk when placing your qualifying bet and free bet - a process which is made simple using the Dutch Matcher and Dutch Calculator.

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5 steps brochure asset3


Whether you're brand new to matched betting or you're a promo conversion pro, we've outlined the 5 simple steps to earning your first $100 with your ProfitDuel trial in this free guide. 

Learn this process and you'll be well on your way to earning $1,000s in risk-free profits each month. 


What are the best matched betting sites?

Several different matched betting sites now exist in the US, ranging from ProfitDuel to Oddsjam to DarkHorse Odds.

While different sites can appeal to different members, ProfitDuel's easy-to-use software, library of walkthrough guides, expert one-to-one support and super-affordable subscription position it as the best overall matched betting site in the US. 

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Are there any tips and strategies for matched betting?

You can apply a range of tips and strategies when matched betting to help streamline your experience and increase profits.

Whether it's starting with the lowest or most profitable offers first, making use of casino offers or joining a matched betting affiliate program to take your earnings up a level, we cover tips and strategies to suit every matched bettor. 

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Which sports can I matched bet on in the US?

One rule of thumb for whether you can matched bet on a sport in the US is: if it regularly produces ties or it has a wide range of possible outcomes, it's a no.

This means matched betting is possible on sports like football, basketball, baseball and tennis, but is not on sports like soccer, horse racing and golf. However, there's a little more to it which we cover in this article. 

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Should you combine/stack offers when matched betting?

Though it is possible to combine/stack sportsbook promotional offers when matched betting, we don't recommend it.

Stacking offers (combining two or more offers on one matched betting opportunity) can considerably reduce the overall profit you're able to extract from converting offers in your state. Instead, work through each promo one by one for maximum profit. 

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Which secondary sportsbook should I choose?

The secondary sportsbook (or betting exchange) you choose will play a crucial role in how much profit you make on a matched betting opportunity. After all, your profit hinges on the odds offered by your secondary sportsbook being right.

In this piece we look at what to consider when when choosing your secondary sportsbook and the powerful tool you can use to find the perfect one every time. 

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How can I avoid my sportsbook account being limited?

Getting limited or restricted by a sportsbook is the worst thing that can happen to you as a matched bettor. It severely hampers your earning potential.

But by following 10 simple tips, such as rounding your bets and sticking to large markets, you can give your accounts the best chance of avoiding being "gubbed" and continue building risk-free profits. 

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What is the difference between regulated and offshore sportsbooks?

There are several key differences between regulated and offshore sportsbooks. The most significant is the presence of a safety net with regulated sportsbooks (in the form of state-by-state gaming commissions).

These commissions offer legal backing to bettors should issues arise such as a sportsbook's failure to payout winnings or honor offers.

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Is matched betting a win-win?

Matched betting is classified as a win win betting strategy. How? Because regardless of which team wins with this process, you guarantee yourself a profit.

Though other win win betting strategies like arbitrage betting and Dutch betting exist, of the three matched betting offers the most significant profits with minimum effort. 

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What is multi accounting in matched betting?

Multi accounting, or "gnoming",  is the process of setting up multiple accounts with one sportsbook in order to benefit from the same promo several times. Like in traditional sports betting, this process is frowned upon in matched betting.

In this piece, we'll show you exactly why multi account matched betting should be avoided, and how - following a few tips - you can make just as much profit with risk-free matched betting.

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Matched betting glossary - A to Z for beginners

If you're new to Matched Betting, understanding the key terms and jargon can be a game changer. But with so many terms used in the space, it's not always easy to understand what they mean.

From arbitrage betting to reload offers, in this A to Z we cover off some of the most important the terms to help you get started making money online with matched betting.

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What are sportsbook VIP programs?

VIP treatment isn't just for celebrities; sports bettors can also enjoy a luxurious experience through sportsbook VIP programs. 

By regularly placing bets, customers can earn VIP status, unlocking various perks. Different sportsbooks have various paths to VIP status, ranging from straightforward processes to more flexible approaches.

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What is a profit boost?

Everyone loves a good deal, like a "Buy one, get one free!" offer at a store. In sports betting, profit boosts work similarly, enhancing your winnings without extra cost.

In this post, we’ll explain profit boosts, differentiate them from price boosts, show you how to find the best offers, and guide you on converting them into guaranteed profits using matched betting.

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What is Geolocation?

Geolocation software ensures that online sportsbooks verify users are in states where betting is legal. However, residents of states where online betting is restricted can still profit.

This blog explores geolocation's role in sports betting, including how out-of-staters can maximize profits using strategies like matched betting. 

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What is GeoComply?

GeoComply ensures seamless and secure sports betting experiences by verifying user locations to comply with regulations.

Learn how GeoComply uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and IP data to pinpoint user locations, ensuring legal compliance. Whether you're at home or traveling, GeoComply enables you to enhance your profit potential.

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  • Matched Betting is a legal and risk-free technique that utilizes bookmakers' promotions. By placing offsetting bets, you guarantee profits irrespective of the outcome, making it a strategic way to earn money online without traditional gambling.

  • Absolutely, Matched Betting is completely legal in the US. It's a legitimate strategy that capitalizes on promotional offers provided by bookmakers, leveraging odds to guarantee earnings rather than relying on chance.

  • No prior sports betting experience is needed. Profit Duel provides clear step-by-step instructions, making it accessible to newcomers. Our support ensures that even those unfamiliar with betting can excel in Matched Betting.

  • Earnings vary based on effort and available offers. While some users earn a few hundred dollars monthly, others achieve substantial income. Success depends on seizing diverse opportunities and following recommended strategies.

  • Matched Betting is designed to eliminate risk by covering all potential outcomes. However, errors may occur if instructions are inaccurately followed, underscoring the importance of precision to ensure profitable outcomes.

  • A starting bankroll of approximately $100-$300 is advised. This ensures flexibility to engage with various offers, facilitating a productive start to your Matched Betting journey.

  • Absolutely, at Profit Duel we have a range of cutting-edge software and powerful calculators that help you convert promo offers and bonuses into cash you can withdraw.


*DISCLAIMER: We're legally required to state that there is no guarantee of specific results each month. The amount of money that you earn can vary dependant on the time and effort that you commit each month.