One of our game-changing premium tools, the ProfitDuel Dutch Calculator is the most powerful of its kind.

Combining three key functions to:

1. Scan all sports events in your area.

2. Display the most profitable matched betting/Dutching opportunities.

3. Tell you exactly how much to bet (and where) to guarantee a profit.

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Removes risk, guaranteeing profit no matter the event's outcome.

Does the hard work for you, saving hours locating and calculating Dutch bets.
Maximizes profits by determining the optimal stake for each selection.


Dutching (A.K.A Dutch betting) is a betting strategy in which multiple bets are strategically placed across different sportsbooks to cover every outcome of an event and eliminate risk.


Dutching plays a key role in the matched betting process, where it helps users unlock free bets and convert them into guaranteed profits. This is why ‘dutch calculator' and ’matched betting calculator' refer to the same tool.

Dutch Calculator = Matched Betting Calculator

Though it is possible to Dutch bet manually, doing so is majorly time-consuming, requiring hours of trawling through sportsbooks, comparing odds and painstakingly calculating stakes to find a match. 

That's where the Dutch Calculator comes in.


Dutch calculator screen showing stake, return and profit

We have two different types of Dutch calculators at ProfitDuel: the Dutch Calculator and the Dutch Matcher Calculator.

The classic Dutch Calculator is a powerful tool for comparing different sportsbook selections and identifying Dutch Bets.

Simply select your bet type (including free bet, risk free bet and qualifying bet options), intended stake and the sportsbooks' odds. The bet calculator will then instantly show you if you've found a Dutch bet, automatically calculating each bet stake and the total stake to place to ensure equal returns, no matter the outcome.

This calculator has long been an important tool in both the matched betting and traditional Dutching strategy, but here's where we take it up a notch.


The Dutch Matcher Calculator is the game-changing tool that will take your matched betting profits to the next level.

This calculator is an in-built feature attached to the Dutch Matcher (our powerful software that scans all sportsbooks, matches profitable Dutching opportunities and ranks them based on your criteria). 

When you select a bet from the Dutch Matcher, the Dutch Matcher Calculator instantly displays exactly how much to bet across each selection to guarantee a fixed profit, regardless of the outcome.

Offering lightning-fast personalised calculations and ultra-transparent insights into Dutch Bets in your area, it's the most intuitive Dutching and matched betting calculator available in the US today. 

Dutch Matcher Calculator



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Stop wasting your time and effort on basic Dutching calculators with poor insights and zero support.

Start the ProfitDuel trial and gain full access to our range of premium tools, including the Dutch Calculator, Dutch Matcher, Odds Converter and Profit Tracker

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  • Generally matched betting calculators and Dutching calculators refer to the same tool, with Dutching being a key process in matched betting for unlocking and converting free bets risk-free.

    However, different platforms have different versions of matched betting calculators, which can vary in features depending on location and purpose. As a result, all matched betting calculators will not be identical. 

  • Yes, a Dutching calculator can significantly increase your chances of winning bets by identifying profitable dutching opportunities, removing risk, saving time on manual calculations, and maximizing profits with optimal stake recommendations. 

  • Yes, at ProfitDuel our Dutch Calculator can be used on four different bets types, which you can toggle between using the 'Bet Type' drop-down menu'.

    These are:

    1. Qualifying bet (your initial bet when matched betting, mdeto unlock your free bet)
    2. Free bet 
    3. Free bet stake-returned
    4. Risk-free bet
  • The average Dutching calculator you may come across, which relies purely on personal input, may not always be 100% accurate due to the fact it is susceptible to human error and rapidly changing odds on events.

    The ProfitDuel Dutch Matcher Calculator, however, instantly calculates stakes and profits for you using real-time sportsbook odds, minimizing room for error and maximizing accuracy.

  • You don't need to know the formula for Dutching with ProfitDuel, out Dutch Calculator does that for you.

    But in case you're curious, this is how you can attempt Dutching using the appropriate formulas:

    1. Calculate the implied probabilities for each outcome based on the odds. This can be done by dividing 1 by the decimal odds for each outcome and then multiplying by 100 to get a percentage.

      Implied Probability=1Decimal Odds×100

    2. Sum up the implied probabilities for all possible outcomes.

    3. Determine the percentage of your total desired stake that you want to allocate to each outcome. This is typically done based on the calculated probabilities.

    4. Calculate the stake for each outcome using the following formula:

      Stake=Desired PercentageImplied Probability×Total Stake


      • Desired Percentage is the percentage of your total stake you want to allocate to a specific outcome.
      • Implied Probability is the probability calculated in step 1.
      • Total Stake is the total amount of money you are willing to bet.
  • Use ProfitDuel's Dutch Matcher find Dutching opportunities in your state fast. The Dutch Matcher will instantly bring up the most profitable Dutching opportunities in your area, which you can filter, sort and log depending on your goals. 

    Then, use the Dutch Matcher Calculator to discover exactly how much you should place on either side of the bet to guarantee a profit. 

  • Whilst it is possible to matched bet without using a matched betting calculator, the considerable research, mountain of calculations and ever-changing odds it involves can make it a challenging and time-consuming task.

    For maximum success matched betting, use expert tools provided by reputable matched betting platforms like ProfitDuel. 

  • 10 benefits of using a matched betting calculator are:

    1. Identifies profitable Dutch bets accurately.

    2. Removes risk and guarantees profits.

    3. Saves time on manual calculations.

    4. Maximizes profits with optimal stakes.

    5. Provides insights into Dutching opportunities.

    6. Offers personalized calculations instantly.

    7. Enhances matched betting strategies.

    8. Eliminates tedious trawling through sportsbooks.

    9. Ensures equal returns regardless of outcomes.

    10. Improves betting efficiency and success rates.

  • 10 crucial features you should look for in a matched betting calculator are: 

    1. Risk removal for guaranteed profits.

    2. Time-saving automation.

    3. Optimal stake determination.

    4. Comprehensive Dutch betting insights.

    5. Instant personalized calculations.

    6. Integration with matched betting strategies.

    7. Sportsbook scanning capabilities.
    8. Equal returns assurance.
    9. Enhanced efficiency and success in betting.

  • At ProfitDuel we're offering a $1 trial to new members. In this, we include access to our premium tools, including our matched betting calculator (Dutch Calculator), Dutch Matcher, Odds Converter, Profit Tracker and more. 

    Though other free calculators do exist on the web, they don't come with the same level of sophisticated software, simple strategies and expert one-to-one support that a ProfitDuel subscription does. 

  • Online sportsbooks offer promotions and free bets to attract new players to their website. By following and trusting our process, being disciplined and reading/watching all of the guides on ProfitDuel, you can take advantage of these offers and turn them into risk free cash.

  • All you need is to be in the state of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Ohio (to access the sportsbooks), have a registered SSN, home address, and bank account (to be able to sign up to the sportsbooks), a small amount of money as a starting bank (you will not lose this, but you need it to place bets and unlock the free bets), and a ProfitDuel account.

  • We would recommend having $300 available to maximise your profits and make your first $100. If you do not have that much available, you can start with a lower amount, but it means you will make less profit. As mentioned, you will not lose this starting bankroll if you use our technique, you simply need it to unlock the free bet.

  • Using our Dutch Matcher you will be able to find events to bet on at most times. You will find that the major sports such as the NFL have the best odds and also the best offers associated with them.

  • Move on to the next opportunity! Don’t beat yourself up that life might have gotten in the way, there are plenty of opportunities to make money so forget about it and concentrate on the next offer.

  • We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the opportunity! Due to the fact sports betting is still only getting started in the US, not many people know yet that you can profit from all of the signup offers.

  • You can absolutely do this side hustle on your own and without ProfitDuel. However, our software makes the whole process much easier and will maximize your profits – without our software you will need to do parts of this technique manually which takes a long time and you won’t make as much money. Also, we do all the hard work for you in terms of finding the free bets and providing the easy to understand step-by-step video guides – without our how-to guides you will struggle to know which offers to do and how to do them, without this information (and our customer support if you get stuck), you could lose money.


Our dedicated support staff are on hand to help you out and keep the profits flowing. Mistakes in the process can happen too and sometimes you might need a bit of advice on what to do. 

Our working hours are 8am to 8pm EST, Monday to Sunday.



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