Our Dutch Calculator tells you the optimal amount to place on each bet using dutch betting.

The ProfitDuel Dutch Calculator removes the risk from betting.  Helping you calculate the ideal stake to place on each selection to unlock free bets, try it out yourself below.


Dutch calculator screen on iphone
The Dutch Calculator maximizes your profits by determining the optimal stake for each selection.
Dutch betting removes risk and
guarentees profit, no matter the outcome
of the event.
The ProfitDuel Dutch Calculator does all the hard work for you, saving you hours of time and effort.


Dutch betting is a technique in which multiple bets are placed to cover every outcome of an event to eliminate risk. When carried out correctly using effective software and calculators, this method offers protection to bettors regardless of how the game or race concludes.

This approach is commonly employed in horse racing or football betting, where there are multiple possible outcomes and the odds can fluctuate. By spreading the bets across different outcomes, bettors can reduce the impact of any fluctuations in the odds, enabling them to secure a profit.

Newcomers to dutch betting will find the Dutching Calculator to be an invaluable tool for ensuring that the chance of losing stakes is covered. Depending on the number of selections involved in the dutch bet, different stakes will need to be placed to ensure a payout greater than the initial stakes.

Dutch calculator screen showing stake, return and profit


All of our opportunities are automatically calculated for you, optimising the amount needed for each bet to maximise profits and minimise effort.

However the Dutching Calculator can still play a powerful role, should you want input any bets yourself.

The Dutch Calculator tells you how much to stake on each selection to ensure an equal profit no matter which one wins. Simply enter the price of each of your fancied selections and your maximum stake.

You can use this alongside the Dutch Matcher to help guarantee profits dutching bets in minutes.




Discover the benefits of the ProfitDuel Dutching Calculator and guarantee betting success every time.

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  • All you need is to be in the state of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Ohio (to access the sportsbooks), have a registered SSN, home address, and bank account (to be able to sign up to the sportsbooks), a small amount of money as a starting bank (you will not lose this, but you need it to place bets and unlock the free bets), and a ProfitDuel account.

  • For our free trial, we would recommend having $300 available to maximise your profits and make over $100. If you do not have that much available, you can start with a lower amount, but it means you will make less profit. As mentioned, you will not lose this starting bankroll if you use our technique, you simply need it to unlock the free bet.

  • Using our Dutch Matcher you will be able to find events to bet on at most times. You will find that the major sports such as the NFL have the best odds and also the best offers associated with them.

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