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The top 9 side hustles to level up your income in the US right now (including ProfitDuel, which in our opinion is No.1).

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Today more than 1 in 3 (34%) of Americans have a side hustle. Amazing, right?

But choosing a hustle that doesn't fit with your lifestyle can cause major issues. Don't worry, we've got you.

Below, we've pulled together 9 of the best side hustles you can make money from right now. Let the hustle begin!

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Matched betting as a side hustle

Whether you're a college student looking to cover costs, a stay-at-home parent wanting to contribute cash, or are just searching for a well-paying hustle, matched betting can be a flexible option. Using clever software to eliminate risk, members can earn $1,000s risk-free every month.

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Affiliate marketing as a side hustle

One of the most underrated side hustles for earning a passive income, affiliate marketing can help you make bank for months to come without lifting a finger. Allowing hustlers to earn while they promote, some affiliates earn between $1,000 - $6,000/mo in referrals alone.

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Online surveys as a side hustle

Online surveys can be an ultra-flexible side hustle option that usually requires no prior skills or experience to begin earning. With sites like Swag Bucks and SurveyJunkie advertising surveys daily, there is no shortage of money-making opportunities with this side hustle.

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Social media management as a side hustle

Social media might seem like a passive daily activity, but what if I told you you could turn it into a money-making side gig? 93.79% of US businesses use social media, and websites like Fiverr post ads daily for social managers. It's your time socially savvy side hustlers!

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Virtual assistance as a side hustle

Virtual assistance is truly one of the most diverse side hustles out there today. Ranging from admin support to tech assistance and creative services, in today's world the options for virtual assistants are endless. All you need is a laptop, wi-fi and a desire to earn and you're good to go. 

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Freelance writing as a side hustle

Whether you're a passionate wordsmith, a grammar guru, or someone with a knack for storytelling, freelance writing can allow you to boost the bank using your skills. Create a portfolio of work, sign up for platforms like Freelancer, and boom! You're on the road to attracting clients.

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Photography as side hustle

With the rise of social media and the constant demand for visual content, turning your photography hobby into a profitable side hustle has never been easier. Whether you're a photo rookie or a seasoned pro, photography can offer a diverse and enjoyable way to earn an extra buck.

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Online tutoring as a side hustle

Have a skill that others could benefit from? Online tutoring could help you sing it from the rooftops (while raking in some extra cash). From exam prep to cookery, whatever your expertise, you can transform it into a rewarding side gig using platforms like Tutor.com and Chegg Tutors.

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Food delivery as a side hustle

For those seeking a side job that delivers regular income, food delivery may be an appetising choice. With platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats doing the legwork of tracking orders, all that's left to do is take orders from A to B. Got a bike, car or scooter? You're good to go!

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  • How you start your side hustle will depend on your chosen method, however, these 6 steps can help you get started:

    1. Begin by identifying your goals, financial and otherwise.

    2. Take time to consider your resources, skills and passions and which ones may be able to assist you in achieving those goals.

    3. Research potential niches and markets to target. Develop a clear and achievable goal, along with a plan that outlines tasks and milestones.

    4. Allocate time to work on your side hustle consistently, even if it's just a few hours a week.

    5. Leverage online platforms and social media to showcase your offerings and connect with potential customers.

    6. Remember to manage your time effectively, balancing your main job and side hustle commitments. Stay adaptable and open to learning.
  • The skills required for a side hustle vary from method-to-method. Some of the most important include: 

    • Communication - can be crucial for promoting ventures and engaging with customers.

    • Time management - ensures efficient juggling of your main job and hustle.

    • Adaptability - helps you navigate evolving market trends.

    • Financial literacy - aids in pricing and budgeting.

    • Basic marketing knowledge -  boosts your ability to reach a wider audience

    • Strong work ethic - propels consistent effort and growth. 
  • You can find paying side hustle opportunities following this approach: 

    1. Start by assessing your skills, passions, and interests.

    2. Then explore providers: freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr offer diverse gigs; matched betting platforms like ProfitDuel offer opportunities to make risk-free profit with no previous experience.

    3. Utilize social media to showcase your expertise and network. Explore local marketplaces or communities for in-person opportunities.

    4. Research industries with high demand, like content creation, digital marketing, or tutoring.

    5. Networking events and online forums can lead to connections. Don't hesitate to pitch your services to friends or colleagues.

    6. Consistent effort in seeking, applying, and demonstrating value will help you secure paying side gigs.
  • Some of the most common pros and cons of side hustles include:


    1. Extra income: Side hustles boost your earnings, helping you achieve financial goals faster.
    2. Skill enhancement: You can learn new skills or develop existing ones, enhancing your overall expertise.
    3. Diversification: Multiple income streams provide financial security, especially during economic uncertainties.
    4. Passion pursuit: Side hustles often involve doing what you love, bringing personal fulfillment.
    5. Entrepreneurial experience: They offer a taste of entrepreneurship without fully committing to a new venture.


    1. Time constraints: Balancing a main job, personal life, and a side hustle can lead to time management challenges.
    2. Burnout risk: Overexertion might result in exhaustion and decreased performance across all areas.
    3. Uncertain income: Side gigs may not guarantee steady earnings and could be inconsistent.
    4. Limited growth: Your side hustle's growth could be restricted due to time limitations.
    5. Health impact: Long working hours may affect physical and mental well-being.
  • The potential earnings from side hustles can vary widely based on several factors. These include your skill level, the demand for your services or products, and the time you invest.

    Some side hustles, like freelancing or consulting, can yield significant income if you're highly skilled and can secure lucrative clients. Others, such as selling crafts or driving for rideshare apps, might provide a modest supplement.

    Research your chosen field, consider competition, and set realistic expectations. While there's no fixed amount, a well-executed side hustle can lead to extra income ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

  • Side hustles can have legal and tax considerations that vary on the chosen method. Some of the most common include: 

    Legal Implications:

    1. Business Structure: Depending on your side hustle's scale, you might need to register a formal business entity like an LLC or sole proprietorship.
    2. Permits and Licenses: Some activities require permits or licenses, especially if they involve selling goods or services in regulated industries.
    3. Contracts: If dealing with clients, contracts outlining terms, payment, and responsibilities can protect both parties.
    4. Intellectual Property: Ensure you're not infringing on others' copyrights or trademarks and protect your own if needed.
    5. Privacy Laws: If handling customer data, adhere to privacy regulations to avoid legal issues.

    Tax Implications:

    1. Income Reporting: Any income earned from your side hustle is generally taxable and must be reported to tax authorities.
    2. Deductions: You might be eligible to deduct certain expenses related to your side hustle, reducing your overall taxable income.
    3. Self-Employment Tax: As a self-employed individual, you'll likely need to pay both the employer and employee portions of Social Security and Medicare taxes.
    4. Quarterly Payments: If your side hustle generates significant income, you might need to make quarterly estimated tax payments to avoid penalties.
    5. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of income, expenses, and receipts to simplify tax filing.
  • To achieve a balance between your full-time job and side hustle you must prioritize effective time management. Some of the most crucial actions you can take are to:

    1. Create a schedule that designates specific hours for both commitments.

    2. Set realistic goals and allocate tasks accordingly.

    3. Communicate openly with your employer about your side hustle to manage expectations.

    4. Learn to seek help when necessary.

    5. Above all, remember to also allocate time for self-care to prevent burnout. Regularly assess your workload and adjust your schedule as needed to ensure both your job and side hustle thrive harmoniously.
  • Certain side hustles, such as ProfitDuel, require zero marketing efforts to make money. 

    However, for those that do, these five key aspects can be crucial when developing a marketing strategy:

    1. Define Audience: Identify and understand your target customers.
    2. Online Presence: Build a professional website and use social media for visibility.
    3. Content & Social: Share valuable content and engage on social media platforms.
    4. Networking: Connect with potential clients through events and communities.
    5. Promotions: Offer discounts, collaborate, and gather testimonials for credibility.


*DISCLAIMER: We're legally required to state that there is no guarantee of specific results each month. The amount of money that you earn can vary dependant on the time and effort that you commit each month.