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1. What is a No-Vig Calculator?

A no-vig Calculator is a powerful mathematical tool that takes the 'vig' or 'juice' out of the odds in sports betting. By doing this, bettors are able to find fair odds in a market rapidly, without having to check multiple sportsbooks.

Not only does a no-vig calculator remove vig and help you find fair odds quickly, but it can also offer insight into an outcome's "true" likelihood, saving valuable time and money.


2. What is 'Vig' in Sports Betting?

'Vig', short for vigorish, is a term specific to the sports betting world. It is defined as the commission sportsbooks charge bettors to facilitate a bet. Also known as juice, sportsbooks use vig to ensure profits regardless of an event's outcome.

‘More Vig = Less Potential for Profit’

For bettors, the amount of vig a sportsbook includes in their odds will directly affect the amount of profit they can make. A general rule of thumb is more vig = less potential for profit. This is why no-vig calculators are so important to sports and matched bettors.

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3. How to Use a No-Vig Calculator

Using a no-vig calculator is super simple, but it can play a key role in streamlining your betting process, calculating fair odds, and maximizing your profits.

To use a no-vig calculator, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select your preferred odds format: In the US, most sportsbooks use American odds (e.g. -110).

  2. Enter odds for each event: Once you've chosen a betting site and picked an event, enter the moneyline odds for each event outcome.

  3. View your results: Your results will automatically calculate, showing you the fair odds for each side. You can now use these to choose the fairest odds when line shopping.


4. Worked Example: Using a No-Vig Calculator

Let's look at a worked example: Detroit Lions vs Baltimore Ravens on DraftKings.

Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens logos

The Lions are the underdogs with odds of +130, and the Ravens the favorites at -155. After entering the odds on the no-vig calculator, we see the fair odds calculated are 140 for the Lions and -139 for the Ravens.

Now we know the true and fair odds for each team to win the game, we can use this information when we are line shopping. Longer odds than +140 on the Lions, and -139 for the Ravens indicate a value bet and one that will be profitable long term.


5. How Does a No-Vig Calculator Work?

A no-vig calculator works by removing a sportsbook's overhead, or 'vig', using a specific algorithm. This algorithm calculates the overhead and adjusts the odds for both sides of a wager, providing true probabilities and fair odds.

This algorithm uses 7 steps (don't worry - the calculator does all of this for you):

  1. Retrieval of data for specific sports events.
  2. Sorting of available betting options.
  3. Calculation of the total market percentage.
  4. Deduction of the sportsbook's margin (vig).
  5. Reallocation of this margin evenly across all possible outcomes.
  6. Conversion of revised market percentages into odds.
  7. Display of no-vig odds, allowing for informed betting decisions.


6. 5 Tips When Using a No-Vig Calculator

By following a few simple tips, you can effortlessly find the fairest odds in a market using a no-vig calculator, creating a sharp edge over the sportsbooks and boosting your winning potential.

Six top tips to maximise your success using a no-vig calculator include:

  1. Input Accurate Odds: Input the odds from both sides of the bet accurately, using the same odds format (e.g. American odds) for consistency. If you're not using American odds, tools like odds converters can convert your odds to this format.

  2. Shop for the Best Lines: To maximize potential profit, shop for the best no-vig lines by comparing them across multiple sportsbooks. Be aware, no-vig lines can change frequently as sportsbooks adjust odds.

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  3. Avoid Parlay Bets: It's generally not recommended to use no-vigs for parlays. This is due to the complexity of multiple bets making it challenging to assess true odds. Instead, when calculating parlay bets opt for a parlay calculator. (or round robin parlay calculator for round robin bets). 

  4. Use alongside other tools: Don't rely only on a no-vig calculator to maximise betting returns. Use it alongside other tools like a free bet conversion calculator, arbitrage calculator EV calculator or Kelly Criterion calculator to streamline betting activity and maximize potential profits.

  5. Consider matched betting: unlike traditional sports betting, matched betting covers every outcome of an event, guaranteeing you a profit. Use your no-vig alongside other betting tools to eliminate risk with matched betting.


7. How to Make Money Using a No-Vig Calculator: 4-Step Guide

Harnessing the power of a no-vig calculator can be a bettor's secret weapon to making profitable bets and dodging unnecessary losses from inflated vigs.

But knowing exactly how to use this calculator as part of a winning money-making betting strategy is crucial. Fear not, we've listed the 4 key steps to doing exactly that below:


1. Select an Effective No-Vig Calculator

No Vig Calculator

First things first. In order to maximize the money-saving power of your no-vig, it's crucial you pick the right one. A range of sites offer access to a no-vig calculator, but choosing the wrong one can lead to time wasted and profits reduced.

Some positive features to look out for in a no-vig calculator include: several odds formats, a clear user interface, rapid odds calculations and extra on-page information.


2. Search for the Best Odds

Free bet promo offers

Once you've picked an effective calculator, it's time to search for the most favourable odds to test out. While with traditional sports betting, this can mean spending hours signing up to different sportsbooks, scrolling through events and comparing odds manually, a much more time and cost-efficient option exists.

Matched betting platforms require just one sign-up, but offer instant access to all sportsbook odds, offers and events playing over the next 7 days. What's more, through extra tools like dutch calculators, users can not only find the fairest odds prices faster but guarantee profits by matching bets across different sportsbooks.


3. Setup Your Account/s

ProfitDuel signup page

Now you've chosen an effective calculator and done your research into profitable no-vig odds, you'll need to go ahead and set up your account to start betting. As mentioned, in sports betting, this process can be long-winded, involving repeatedly filling in personal details, bank account details, social security numbers, and more.

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4. Begin Placing Bets

ProfitDuel welcome offerBefore starting betting, be aware that if you're following a traditional sports betting approach, you'll need to do thorough research into markets and bet types, and create a solid betting strategy to get the most out of your bets.

If you choose matched betting, though, this process becomes much easier. At ProfitDuel, our range of walkthrough guides, state-of-the-art software, and unrivalled customer support guide you every step of the way, guaranteeing you profits and saving you valuable time and money

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