Sportsbook VIP Programs: How Do They Work?

VIP treatment isn't just for the rich and famous; sports bettors can get a seat in the lap of luxury too. Imagine enjoying exclusive benefits and tailored rewards simply for doing what you love – placing bets on your favorite sports. Welcome to the world of sportsbook VIP programs.

Picture this: you're not just another bettor; you're part of a select group that receives special attention and perks for your loyalty. This isn't just a dream. A number of online sportsbooks offer VIP schemes for customers, earned by those who regularly place bets using their account over a period of time.

In this blog, we'll take a look at the VIP programs of some of the most well-known sportsbooks, including the requirements and benefits of becoming a VIP and what that can mean for your matched betting strategy.


  1. What Are Sportsbook VIP Programs?
  2. General Guidelines for Becoming a VIP
  3. Examples of Sportsbook VIP Programs
  4. Maintaining VIP Status and Maximizing Benefits
  5. Don't Ask, Don't Get
  6. Manufactured Losses
  7. Benefits of VIP Status for Matched Betting

1. What Are Sportsbook VIP Programs?

Becoming a VIP on various online sportsbooks is a more advanced strategy that can help to level up your matched betting profits, provided you have the bankroll available.

VIP status can come with a range of perks, including enhanced free bet values, increased profit boost stakes, and sometimes even luxuries like vacations and comped hotel rooms.

The path to VIP status, however, varies from one sportsbook to another, ranging from structured and straightforward processes to more fluid and flexible approaches.


2. General Guidelines for Becoming a VIP

While some of the larger sportsbooks provide insight into their structured VIP programs, it's worth noting that most sportsbooks offer some form of VIP program, even if you can’t find much available information.

Either way, there are several strategies you can follow to achieve sportsbook VIP status:

Depositing high/regular bankroll

One of the surest methods of achieving VIP status, regardless of the sportsbook, is the willingness to deposit and wager substantial amounts of money. The common entry point for VIP status on many platforms is a $10,000+ bankroll. This doesn’t need to be deposited and wagered in one go but consistent wagering of a substantial amount each week is important.

Tip: It's a good idea to reach out to the sportsbook before making a significant deposit. Ask for details of their available offers and or their VIP program in general. This proactive approach can help you optimize your VIP journey and indicates your intent to the sportsbook.

VIP referrals

Another common strategy for attaining VIP status at an online sportsbook is through a referral from an existing VIP member. In many cases, being referred by a VIP member can lead to receiving a promo offer such as a deposit match bonus on your initial deposit. Typically, this bonus is offered on top of the standard sign-up promotion provided by the sportsbook.

Matching VIP status

Once you’ve achieved VIP status at a particular sportsbook, you can use this to leverage matching status at another sportsbook. Sportsbooks are more likely to grant you VIP status if they can see you have achieved that level elsewhere as it suggests that you will be an active member of their community and engage often with their site.

And it’s easy enough to do this. You can initiate this process by reaching out to the second sportsbook, either via email to their customer service department or by applying for a status match through any formal VIP program they may offer.

Strategic or targeted hedging

Another way you can leverage your VIP status at one online sportsbook to attain matching status at another sportsbook is through strategic, or targeted, hedging.

For example, if you have VIP status at Barstool Sportsbook but not yet at Caesars, you can strategically hedge any bets you place using Barstool VIP promo offers on Caesars. The bigger the bets you place at Barstool, the more you’ll need to hedge at Caesars, as you’re looking to wager around the same amount at both. Strategic hedging like this means you can enhance the likelihood of also attaining VIP status at Caesars sportsbook.


3. Examples of Sportsbook VIP Programs

Barstool PENN Play Program

Barstool Sportsbook utilizes the PENN Play Program which has 5 different levels. You will be automatically enrolled in the program once you have signed up and placed your first wager at a PENN Entertainment property (eg ESPN Bet or PENN Play).

Level 1: PLAY

  • Special offers and promotions.
  • Earn & redeem PENN Cash.
  • Lowest hotel rate guaranteed.
  • Access to entertainment presales.


  • Access to Real-Time Rewards(For app users only at 3,000 Tier Points).
  • Up to 10% cruise discount with Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Annual rollover points.


  • VIP Lounge access (where available). Restrictions may apply.
  • Access to Real Time Rewards. For app users only.
  • Annual Las Vegas stay package at M Resort Spa Casino.
  • Annual complimentary cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line at 25,000 Tier Points.
  • Annual complimentary stay at Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas at 25,000 Tier Points.
  • Annual rollover points.

Level 4: ELITE

  • VIP Lounge access (where available). Restrictions may apply.
  • Access to Real Time Rewards. For app users only.
  • Annual Las Vegas stay package at M Resort Spa Casino.
  • Complimentary rooms at any PENN Play Destination.
  • Companion card at 100,000 Tier Points.
  • Guaranteed personal host.
  • Annual complimentary cruise in an ocean view cabin with Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Annual complimentary stay at Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Annual rollover points.


  • VIP Lounge access (where available). Restrictions may apply.
  • Access to Real Time Rewards (for app users only).
  • Annual Las Vegas stay package at M Resort Spa Casino.
  • Complimentary rooms at any PENN Play Destination.
  • Companion card.
  • Guaranteed personal host.
  • Annual complimentary cruise in a balcony cabin with Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Annual complimentary stay at Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Annual $500 travel reimbursement.
  • Annual luxury gift at 400,000 Tier Points.
  • Annual rollover points.

Note: While the benefits and levels of this VIP program are publicly available, the entry levels are not. Therefore, it’s worth reaching out to the support team at before depositing to find out more.

Caesars Rewards

Caesars offers a structured VIP program that leads to Diamond Status. They also offer Diamond Plus and Elite Status levels which are for extremely high rollers.

Tier Credits and Tier Status Levels

Caesars Rewards offers several tiers of VIP status, which can be achieved with varying amounts of tier credits.

  • Gold: 0 – 4,999 Tier Credits
  • Platinum: 5,000 – 14,999 Tier Credits
  • Diamond: 15,000 – 24,999 Tier Credits
  • Diamond Plus: 25,000 – 74,999 Tier Credits
  • Diamond Elite: 75,000+ Tier Credits  Seven Stars ® : 150,000+ Tier Credits  (exclusive invitation only)

Note: Tier Credits reset to zero on January 1. Status must be earned each year to maintain it the following year.

How to Reach Diamond Status

To reach Diamond status, you need to accumulate 15,000 Tier Credits. Tier Credits are the key to a higher Tier Status, which gives you more exclusive benefits and faster service.

You earn one Tier Credit for every $5 in potential profit from sports bets, with a maximum of 2 Tier Credits for every $1 wagered You can also use your Caesars Rewards card to earn Tier Credits.


Caesars VIP program is not as generous as other programs when it comes to free bets. However, they do offer lucrative Profit Boosts with max stakes as high as $1,000. Instead, Caesars tends to offer comped hotel rooms and sporting tickets more than ways of earning more money.

DraftKings VIP Program

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program stands out as one of the more accessible options when it comes to achieving VIP status. The program has relatively attainable entry requirements, making it a favored choice for many.

To start your journey to VIP, click here and complete the short questionnaire. This asks about your monthly deposit range and if you're more interested in exclusive offers, such as enhanced free bets, as well as VIP sport and concert tickets.

Members can track their Dynasty Rewards Tier progress and view available benefits and promotions.

Alternatively, you can send an email to their VIP team at, expressing your intention to make a substantial deposit. This inquiry usually results in an invitation to the DraftKings VIP program.

BetRivers VIP Program

BetRivers, on the other hand, boasts one of the most structured VIP programs in the industry.

Entry requirements

You will be automatically enrolled in the iRush Rewards Program as soon as you open an account with either BetRivers Sportsbook or BetRivers Casino.

Loyalty Points and Bonus Store Points are earned for every wager you place, whether they win or lose. The program has 11 tiers which you can move up by earning Loyalty Level Points. High-volume bettors will be invited to join the Elite level.

As a member, you accumulate 1 point for every $6 wagered on a straight bet. Once you reach level 7 (equivalent to 5,200 points or $31,200 wagered per month), you gain access to their monthly VIP calendar. This calendar often contains exclusive offers and benefits worth several thousand dollars each month.

Bonus Store Points

Bonus Store Points (BSPs) serve as the official currency within the BetRivers Bonus Store, enabling users to acquire bet credits and exclusive rewards whenever they desire.
Loyalty Level Points (LLPs) play a crucial role in defining a user’s iRush Rewards tier. As users accumulate LLPs, they progress through various tiers, unlocking additional benefits and special bonuses along the way.

Point Expiry

Any Bonus Store Points acquired through the iRush Rewards Program will expire after one year from the date of their accrual if left unused. In contrast, the functioning of Loyalty Level Points differs. While all LLPs amassed contribute to the current iRush Rewards tier level for the initial 30 days, points accumulated within the 31-60 day period after acquisition will decrease based on the average daily point accumulation during the preceding 30 days.

Be Aware

There are reports of BetRivers not being the most reliable sportsbook to deliver on their VIP perks, so proceed with caution.


4. Maintaining VIP Status and Maximizing Benefits

Once you achieve VIP status on multiple sportsbooks, it becomes easier to maintain because you can strategically utilize VIP offers from one sportsbook and simply hedge the bet with another with VIP status with the use of ProfitDuel’s Dutch Matcher.

For example, if you have a $1000 deposit match with Caesars and you also have VIP with DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers, simply tick each book in the secondary sportsbooks filter and you only see results from your chosen books.


5. Don't Ask, Don't Get

With all this on offer, who wouldn’t want the VIP treatment? If you’ve got your eye on the prize, it is worth reaching out to each sportsbook before making a significant 5-figure deposit. Ask what they will offer for a deposit of that size and how you can enjoy VIP status on their program. This is worth doing, even for the sportsbooks with defined VIP programs such as BetRivers and Barstool.

By doing this, you may be assigned a VIP specialist who can support you on your VIP journey. Building a close rapport with your specialist is important, as this person will be the gatekeeper to a vast amount of profit.


6. Manufactured Losses

Having VIP status can bring you an opportunity to unlock more promo offers by manufacturing losses.  This involves strategically losing money at a sportsbook. But don’t worry, you’re not really losing anything! Use the matched betting process and hedge your bet at a second sportsbook.

To do this, target (and achieve) VIP status on at least two sportsbooks. Read above for more information on joining specific sportsbooks’ VIP programs. But usually, you will need to place large wagers regularly.

Here’s a quick example of how to manufacture losses (and win):

  1. Place a substantial wager bet at Sportsbook A (with VIP status). Hedge the bet at Sportsbook B. Remember: one bet results in a loss while the other wins, but the losing sportsbook remains unaware of the winning bet made elsewhere.
  2. Reach out to your VIP host at the losing sportsbook, expressing concern over the loss, and indicating an intention to deposit more funds to continue betting.
  3. While you might not always receive something, you may be offered a deposit match, such as a 10% bonus, which can result in a profit despite the initial loss.

Over time, understanding which sportsbooks and VIP hosts offer deposit matches allows for targeted selection, optimizing the strategy for maximum benefit.


7. Benefits of VIP Status for Matched Betting

All in all, having VIP status across multiple sportsbooks can increase the number of promos you receive (and therefore the potential profit you can earn from matched betting).

Whether it’s by earning additional promo offers, gaining access to VIP events or manufacturing losses to lock in gains, utilizing sportsbook VIP schemes can be a smart way for users to maximize their risk-free profits matched betting.

However, it’s equally important to remember the high wagers and often more complex processes involved in VIP programs mean they should be approached with care and caution.

ProfitDuel tools such as Dutch Matcher and Boost Matcher are incredibly useful for finding bets to minimize qualifying losses and maximize the profits from each VIP free bet granted.

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