I was blown away by the value on offer, much more lucrative than Europe.

Customer Story:
Ken from Delaware

I grew up in New Jersey and currently live in Camden County. I spent my career in finance working for banks in Manhattan and I’m currently semi-retired. I do matched betting on the side and I also do a bit of day trading

My brother-in-law is from England and has been matched betting for several years. When the supreme court struck down the federal law banning online sports betting in the US, I knew matched betting was going to make its way to the USA. I was blown away by the value on offer, much more lucrative than Europe.

What I love most about ProfitDuel is the flexibility it provides me. I can log in and place bets whenever I have spare time. 

You do have to put some money up to do it and complete the offers, butI like to look at it like an investment. The profits are your ROI. The more you start with, the higher the returns.

The profits are impressive. I've been saving the money I make through matched betting and it will really help me further expand my property portfolio. I also hope to retire in a few years thanks in part to the extra income.

I didn't know anything about betting or have much interest in sports, but I realised you don't really need to know too much about what the outcome might be, you just have to be savvy about how much you spend on each outcome.


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