What is Dutching? The Betting Strategy that Removes Risk

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Whether you're researching risk-free betting strategies or scouring for successful side hustles, there's a good chance you'll have come across the process of ‘Dutching’.

But what exactly is Dutching? How does it work? And how can you start making money from it as a beginner? We'll cover all of the above and more in this article.


1. What is Dutching?

Dutching (also known as Dutch betting) is a betting technique that involves placing bets on every potential outcome of an event to remove risk and guarantee profit. This basic principle differs it from standard sports betting, which naturally carries risk.

Today, Dutching is most commonly used as part of a matched betting strategy.

And where this technique may sound simple on paper (which it can be!), to make money Dutching you'll need one of two things:

  1. A wealth of sports betting experience and spare time.


  2. Sophisticated tools that do all the hard work for you (see section 9).

2. Where Does the Term ‘Dutching’ Come From?

The term ‘Dutching’ originates from 1920's New York, and was coined by notorious American accountant, Arthur Flegenheimer (A.K.A. ‘Dutch Schultz’).

Dutch Schultz

Throughout the 1920s and 30s, Arthur developed a method of gaining an edge over sportsbooks. This involved determining the ideal odds and stakes to profit from horse racing events, no matter the winner.

Though the process has changed a good deal, today we still know this as Dutching.

And though its origins can be traced to the mobster underworld of the 1920s (Arthur famously a former associate of mob boss, Al Capone), over the last century Dutching has evolved into an accepted and perfectly legal method of earning risk-free profits.


3. Is Dutching Legal?

Yes, there are zero laws prohibiting the Dutching method, both on a federal and state level. However, it is important to know that it's only possible to place Dutch bets in a state in which sports betting is available.

It's also worth noting that sportsbooks discourage Dutching (as it puts the power back in the hands of the bettor, rather than sportsbook profit). As a result, Dutching can be against some sportsbooks' T&Cs.

Because of this using established Dutching/matched betting platforms and taking extra measures to prolong the shelf life of your online sportsbook accounts is crucial.

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4. How Does Dutching Work?

Dutching works by placing multiple bets across different outcomes in a single event to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome. For this to be profitable, the event must have the right balance of odds, and stakes must be calculated in line with those.

The Dutching process (simplified)

The Dutching process

A win win betting strategy, in the modern day, even total beginners can make money using this method by using clever Dutch matching and Dutch calculating software (see section 9). But for those following the traditional Dutching process, this can take a fair few more steps (see section 8).


5. What are the Benefits of Dutch Betting?

A powerful process that can earn beginners serious risk-free profits, Dutching is associated with a range of benefits. Five of the most significant are:

  1. Risk-Free: Dutch betting allows bettors to spread their risk by backing all outcomes of a sporting event, eliminating risk of loss.

  2. Long-Term Profits: Unlike traditional sports betting, when executed correctly, Dutching guarantees a return. This can help bettors plan long-term profits with more accuracy and reduce the likelihood of setbacks.

  3. Improved Bankroll Management: Because of the predictable returns Dutch betting can generate, planning your bankroll and how much of your budget you wish to place across all bets can be more realistic.

  4. Use Across Different Strategies: The Dutching process can be used in a number of risk-free betting strategies, including matched betting and arbitrage betting.

  5. Beginner-Friendly: Because of the sophisticated tools now available to the everyday American on matched betting sites, even total beginners can use Dutching to earn $1,000s in risk-free profits each month.

6. Are There any Risks/Limitations Associated with Dutch Betting?

Though Dutch betting offers a wide range of benefits, before getting involved it's useful to first be aware of its limitations. Here are three of the most important to take note of:

  1. Human Error: As with any side hustle or betting strategy, if the process isn't followed correctly (e.g. the wrong selection is picked) there is a risk of loss. Follow the process carefully to avoid this.

  2. Gradual Profits: Unlike traditional sports betting that can offer extreme odds and therefore ultra high returns (at super high risk), Dutching typically offers less significant profits per bet, but less risk and a level of certainty over returns.

  3. Need for Tools: This is less of a limitation, but more a factor. The traditional Dutching method requires using complex formulas and solid sports knowledge. This means, if you're a beginner, ensuring you use available Dutching software is crucial to minimize time spent and maximize potential profits.


7. What are the Different Types of Dutch Bets?

There are two overarching types of Dutch bets that Dutch bettors and matched bettors can use to guarantee profits. We explain them below.

i) Simple Dutch Bets

Simple Dutch betting is a strategy where the bet amount is either equalth or reduced. We base this decision on the odds to ensure a profit. Below are examples of equal stake and reduced stake Dutching.

Equal Stake Dutch Bet

  • Stake $10 on horse A @ +300
  • Stake $10 on horse B @ +300
  • Total stake = $20 ($10 + $10)
  • Either horse wins = $20 profit ($40 return - $20 total stake)

Reduced Stake Dutch Bet

  • Stake $5.45 on horse A @ +600
  • Stake $9.55 on Horse B @ +300
  • Total stake = $15 ($5.45 + $9.55)
  • Horse A wins = $23.15 profit ($38.15 return - $15 total stake)
  • Horse B wins = $23.20 profit ($38.20 return - $15 total stake)

Note: It's unlikely for three horses to start a race at 4/1. The Dutch betting system gets more complex as you add more selections. The best way to work out your Dutch bet is to use a Dutch Calculator (see section 9). 

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ii) Set-Amount Dutch Bets

Also known as stake-limited Dutch betting, set-amount Dutch betting involves limiting your total stake rather than targeting a set profit. Below are examples of two selection and three selection set-amount Dutch betting. 

Two-Selection Set-Amount Dutch Bet

  • Total stake = $20
  • Stake $13.33 on horse A @ +400
  • Stake $6.67 on horse B @ +900
  • Total stake = $20 ($13.33 + $6.67)
  • Horse A wins = $46.65 profit ($66.65 returns - $20 total stake)
  • Horse B wins = $46.70 profit ($66.70 return - $20 total stake)

Three-Selection Set-Amount Dutch Bet

  • Total stake = $20
  • Stake $13.33 on horse A @ +400
  • Stake $6.67 on horse B @ +900
  • Stake $10.53 on horse C @ +200
  • Total stake = $20 ($13.33 + $6.67)
  • Horse A wins = $11.60 profit ($31.60 returns - $20 total stake)
  • Horse B wins = $11.60 profit ($31.60 return - $20 total stake)
  • Horse C wins = $11.59 profit ($31.59 return - $20 total stake)

Note: When there are more choices, the total amount of money you bet stays the same. However, the amount of money you bet on each choice and the potential profit decrease. This is especially true if one of your choices has a low price.


8. Worked Example: Placing a Dutch Bet (Traditional Method)

Let's say the New England Patriots were playing the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL football) and you want to place a Dutch bet. Following the traditional Dutch betting method, your steps could look like this:

  1. Identify the Game and Outcomes: Choose an NFL game with two opposing teams. For this example, we'll use the New England Patriots vs the Kansas City Chiefs.

    New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs logos
  2. Analyze the Odds: Check the odds provided by two different sportsbooks for each team to win. Let's say they are: New England Patriots +150, Kansas City Chiefs -120.

  3. Calculate Implied Probabilities: Convert the odds into implied probabilities using an implied probability calculator.

    Implied Probability Calculator
  4. Check for Overround: Ensure that the implied probabilities of all outcomes combined don't exceed 100%. If they do, it indicates an overround, which means the bookmaker has built in a margin (also known as its 'hold'). 

    In this case: Total implied probability = 0.40 + 0.546 ≈ 0.946 or 94.6%.

  1. Calculate the Dutching Stakes: Determine the amount to bet on each outcome to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome using the Dutching formula. Let's say you want to bet $100 in total:
  • Bet on Patriots: $100 * (0.40 / 0.946) ≈ $42.17
  • Bet on Chiefs: $100 * (0.546 / 0.946) ≈ $57.83

  1. Place Your Bets: Place the calculated bets on each outcome with your chosen sportsbooks. Your total outlay will be $100, but regardless of which team wins, you will make a profit.

  2. Calculate the Profit: Calculate your profit from each outcome using the odds and the amount staked:
  • If Patriots win: Profit = $42.17 * 2.50 - $100 ≈ $5.43
  • If Chiefs win: Profit = $57.83 * 1.83 - $100 ≈ $5.43

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9. What Tools Can I Use to Simplify Dutching?

Though it can be used, in today's day and age there's really no need to waste your time following the traditional method of placing Dutch bets.

Instead, using the two following powerful tools can reduce this process from an hour to a few minutes, no calculations or betting experience required.

i) The Dutch Matcher

The Dutch Matcher takes the time and guesswork out of finding Dutch bets.

Instantly scanning all bets in your state (across all sportsbooks), the Dutch Matcher identifies profitable Dutching opportunities, compiles them and ranks them from most to least profitable.

Dutch Matcher

ii) The Dutch Calculator

Once you've chosen a Dutching opportunity from the Dutch Matcher, selecting the calculator icon will bring up the Dutch Calculator.

The Dutch Calculator automatically calculates the exact stakes you should place on each selection to guarantee the displayed profit no matter the outcome. This removes any risk of miscalculation and hugely fast-tracks the Dutching process.

Dutch Calculator

Note: The example above shows the ‘Free Bet’ mode. This combines Dutching and free bet promotions together to guarantee you maximum profit. But don't worry - we'll explain this properly in the next section.


10. 5 Steps to Guarantee Profit Dutching (Modern Method)

Whether you're a total newbie or are familiar with Dutch betting, there's one Dutching method that stands head and shoulders above the rest for maximizing your profits - matched betting.

The matched betting process (simplified)Matched betting process

Also known as free bet conversion, matched betting allows you to use the tools mentioned above (the Dutch Matcher and Calculator) to unlock a sportsbook promotion (such as a free bet) risk-free. You then repeat this process using said free bet to guarantee yourself a profit.

A risk-free, beginner-friendly, fully legal way of earning guaranteed profits, we can break this process into 5 simple steps (using our free $100 welcome offer as an example).

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The 5 Steps

(You can access our free how-to guide that explains these steps in full here).

  1. Sign Up for ProfitDuel: Sign up for the ProfitDuel 7-Day $1 Trial.

  2. Open Welcome Offer: Open your welcome offer, displayed on your dashboard.

  3. Sign Up for Sportsbooks: Sign up for the two sportsbooks suggested in the offer.

  4. Unlock Your Free Bet: Select a Dutch bet using the Dutch Matcher/Dutch Calculator and follow its instructions to unlock your $150 free bet. This is called your qualifying bet.

  5. Convert Your Free Bet Into Cash: Once you've received your free bet, select another Dutch bet using the Dutch Matcher/Calculator, and follow its instructions to convert this into $100 of withdrawable cash.

It really is that easy

At ProfitDuel we've spent years perfecting the matched betting process. We've made it as seamless as possible to save you the stress of wasting time and money on fruitless side hustles or risky betting strategies.

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