Matched Betting Reload Offers: How Do They Work?

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Reload offers are one of the secrets to a successful matched betting side hustle. While sign-up bonuses are the gateway to the world of matched betting, reload offers are the key to ongoing profits. But what exactly are they and how do they work?


  1. What Are Reload Offers?
  2. How Do Reload Offers Work?
  3. Turning Reload Offers into Guaranteed Profits with Matched Betting

1. What Are Reload Offers?

In the world of sports betting, online sportsbooks are looking for one thing: people to use their service. One way in which they encourage customers to place bets is with promo offers. Some are designed to attract new customers and are called ‘welcome’ or ‘sign up’ offers. They can generally only be used once per person.

Reload offers, on the other hand, are incentives specifically designed to retain existing customers, encouraging them to continue betting with a particular sportsbook. These offers come in various forms, including free bets, risk-free bets, deposit bonuses, and more!

An example of a reload offer is Bet365’s NFL Early Payout Offer. In this example, you will be paid out if the team you back leads by 17 points.

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2. How Do Reload Offers Work?

Reload offers are released regularly (often daily) and can be a great way to build your monthly profits.

Make sure you set your marketing preferences to receive offers from as many sportsbooks as possible. Reload offers are often communicated through various channels, including email, on-site notifications, or the sportsbooks’ promotions page.

Reload offers are usually accessed in a similar way to sign up offers and this is generally achieved by placing an initial wager in order to unlock the promo offer.

To unlock the reload offer, bettors are required to place a qualifying bet that adheres to the specified criteria. This initial bet is essential to trigger the subsequent promotion.

Are Reload Offers Available for Different Sports or Events?

Yes, reload offers are available for a variety of sports and events. Whether you're a fan of football, basketball, hockey, or tennis, you can find reload offers for you. The wide range of reload offers ensures that there is something for everyone, allowing you to make extra money online while enjoying your favorite sports games.

Check out this post to find out what are the best sports for matched betting in the USA.


3. Turning Reload Offers into Guaranteed Profits with Matched Betting

Turning reload offers into guaranteed money is how hundreds of thousands of people across the world make ongoing profits from the matched betting side hustle.

Are Reload Offers in Matched Betting Suitable for Beginners?

While most reload offers are pretty straightforward, they are more suited to those who have completed the sportsbook sign up offers and fully understand the matched betting process. 

As a complete beginner, you won’t be invited to do these reload offers by sportsbooks because these are for their existing customers. Therefore, you'll need to have signed up and completed at least the welcome bonus offer before you qualify to receive reload promotions.

Now, if you use reload offers in traditional sports betting, you leave yourself open to the risk of losing if your bet wins. What a waste!

However, there is a way to guarantee yourself a profit from a reload offer no matter the outcome of the event. It's called matched betting and as soon as you are eligible to do reload offers, you can turn them into guaranteed money using a simple strategy.

The strategy to profit from the offers really depends on the type of offer. In this article we will cover the two main types (there is a third type, parlays, which we can't profit from....yet 👀).

Bet and Get Reloads

Here's a super summarized step-by-step walk-through of how to convert bet and get reload offers into guaranteed cash using matched betting (to find out the full matched betting process download our free 5-step guide):

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  1. Place an initial bet which meets the offer criteria and unlocks the reload offer. This is called the "qualifying bet". Remember, always place a second bet at a different sportsbook so that all potential outcomes are covered. This step eliminates risk and ensures you can’t lose! It's also called a "hedge bet".
  2. Redeem your bonus. When you have been credited with free bets, we simply repeat the process. Use the software to find a match, place two bets (same game, opposing teams), leading to a mathematically precise amount of profit. Always place a second bet at a different sportsbook so that all potential outcomes are covered. It's also called a "hedge bet".
  3. Withdraw profit. Now you have redeemed your bonus bets, you're profit will sit in your returns from either sportsbook. This money is now entirely withdrawble. Easy!

Boost Reloads

Another very popular type of reload is boost offers. Boosts are where the odds on an event are 'boosted' by a certain percentage. This is done to make that bet more attractive and to try and entice people to use their brand over others on the market.

Boosts are very simple to profit from, especially as we have a specific type of software that was created with boosts in mind. All you have to do is head to our Boost Matcher tool, set the boost % from the specific offer you have been set (it usually ranges from 25% up to 100%), set the max winnings as defined by the promo itself, then refresh the software to return applicable matches. Choose the selection that returns the most profit, place a boosted bet, hedge your bet on another sportsbook, then when that game finishes you will have made a profit!

In conclusion, reload offers are the lifeline of matched bettors, offering a continuous stream of opportunities to turn promotions into real cash. By understanding the process and fulfilling the criteria, matched bettors can consistently capitalize on reload offers, transforming them into ongoing profits.

And the best bit? You don't need any prior experience or betting knowledge to get started with matched betting. There are dedicated matched betting services and platforms available that provide step-by-step guidance and tools to help you through the whole process.

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