What are the Best Sports for Matched Betting in the US?

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Over the last 10+ years, matched betting has exploded across the US and Europe, becoming the number 1 side hustle for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Recently, this profitable side hustle hit our shores and it is now possible to do matched betting in 26 states (and growing). Depending on where you are, you can now make thousands of dollars in income every single month, right from the comfort of your sofa.

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However, not all sports can be used in matched betting. Understanding which ones to avoid is crucial, which is why in this blog, we will explore the sports that are ideal for matched betting in the US, as well as looking at a few which aren’t and why.


  1. A rule of thumb in matched betting
  2. Which sports can you matched bet on in the US?
  3. Sports you can’t matched bet on in the US and why
  4. How to access matched bets across different sports

1. A Rule of Thumb in Matched Betting

A general rule of thumb for sports you can matched bet on in the US is they only have two possible outcomes: a winner and a loser.  This means that a sport can’t end in a tie or draw situation.

Why? Unlike in Europe where you can lay bets (e.g. bet 1: team A to win, bet 2: team A not to win) and therefore cover draws, US sportsbooks don’t offer a ‘not to win’ option. Instead, you have to place a bet on each team to win to hedge your bet (e.g. bet 1: team A to win, bet 2: team B to win).

Long story short, this means you can't guarantee a return on games that end in a tie in the States - so avoid sports where that could happen. But don’t worry if this sounds confusing at the minute, you'll get to grips with it when you read the examples below.


2. Which Sports Can You Matched Bet on in the US?

Football matched betting

Matched betting can only be done on sports that don’t end in ties. Now, as you may be aware, football does occasionally have draws but these happen very rarely; maybe only once a year, and upwards of 250 games are played every year in the NFL. In the unlikely case of a tie, the sportsbook would void any bets.

The nation’s most loved sport (watched by 74.5% of Americans), Football stands out as one of the prime choices of sport for matched betting in the US. With its straightforward win-or-lose outcomes, you can easily use matched betting to unlock promo offers and free bets, protect the money you use to bet and guarantee profits.


Ice Hockey matched betting

Ice hockey is another sport that lends itself well to matched betting because there are only two potential outcomes to cover with your opposing bets.

The clear-cut nature of victory or defeat in ice hockey matches makes it a suitable option for matched betting.

Basketball matched betting

As the second most popular sport in the US, Basketball enthusiasts can rejoice as the sport's binary outcomes make it a favorable choice for matched betting. Whether it's the NBA or college basketball, the simplicity of betting on the winning team makes it an attractive option for matched bettors.

What’s more, with the generous promo offers many sportsbooks offer to new members when betting on specific NBA events, basketball can be one of the most profitable sports to matched bet on in the States.

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Baseball matched betting

Baseball is another popular sport which can be used for matched betting because there is only a winner and loser in each game (no ties here!). 

Place one wager on Team A to win and then an opposing wager on Team B to win (at a secondary sportsbook). You’ve covered both potential outcomes, which means you can access any available bonus offers and unlock guaranteed profits.

Tennis matched betting

Tennis, with its two-player format and clear-cut match outcomes, is a sport that can be effectively utilized for matched betting.

There’s no way a tennis match will end in a tie. Just take Wimbledon 2010 as evidence: In the first round of the men’s singles, a match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut lasted a record-breaking 11 hours and 5 minutes and took three days to decide a winner.

Horse Racing matched betting

While more complicated than most other sports, it is possible to carry out matched betting on horse racing. Matched betting on horse races involves Dutching your bet across a wider range of outcomes, with between 4 and 20+ usually racing. 

This can make hedging your bet more time-consuming than with some other sports, involving more complex tools and careful calculations. What's more, it's worth knowing that only a limited number of US states have live horse racing, which can reduce the pool of potential matched betting opportunities. 


3. Sports You Can’t Matched Bet on in the US and Why

Soccer matched betting

Soccer, also known as football outside of the US, is the most popular sport chosen for matched betting in Europe.

However, because games often end in a draw (with an average of one in four Premier League matches ending in a draw), this means that you can’t matched bet on soccer in the US. The matched betting approach relies on a clear-cut winner, and the prevalence of a soccer game ending in a tie adds a third potential outcome to events.

This third eventuality cannot be covered which means that your money would not be protected. This is not matched betting, so avoid soccer as part of your matched betting strategy.

Golf matched betting

It might be the 7th most popular sport in the country, but golf doesn’t lend itself to a matched betting strategy.

Similar to horse racing, the number of players and the wide range of possible outcomes in golf tournaments make golf unsuitable for matched betting in the US.


4. How to Access Matched Bets Across Different Sports

Understanding why different sports work or don’t work for matched betting in the US is essential for a successful matched betting side hustle.

While football, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and tennis work because they cannot end in a tie, horse racing, soccer and golf are not suitable and should be avoided. By choosing the right sports, you can increase your chances of success and optimize your profits through matched betting.

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