Matched betting can be done on any kind of sport, and that includes American Football. The NFL is one of the most popular sports for Americans.

Apart from being an interesting sport to watch, the NFL is also loved by bettors. It’s one of the toughest competitions in the world, where anyone can beat anyone. Favorites lose all the time and underdogs often win.


The NFL is great for Matched Betting

The NFL is potentially the ideal sport for matched betting. The first reason is that the betting volume is huge on NFL events. This means you can fly under the radar. The chances that your account is going to get flagged as suspicious by the bookmaker is very low.

Another reason why the NFL is a good choice for Matched Betting is that there are plenty of games to choose from. There are 32 teams in the NFL, split into two conferences (AFC and NFC), with four divisions each. The conferences and divisions are rotated in such a way that every team gets to play each other at least once over a period of four years. Each team gets to play a total of 16 games. Considering that there are 32 teams, a regular NFL season consists of a massive 256 games. Add in pre-season, as well as the playoffs and the Super Bowl and you can see why the NFL has so many games.

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Key takeaways

The NFL is a fantastic choice for Matched Betting. You can choose from a large number of games, as well as a big number of betting markets.

As it is so popular, the sportsbooks often also have promotions on NFL, and here at ProfitDuel we have step-by-step instructions on every one.

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