Out-of-State Sports Betting: Is it Possible?

In 2018, the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). It was a pivotal moment for online sports betting and has since led to the legalization and regulation of sports betting on a state-by-state basis.

Geo-location software means that online sportsbooks know if you're in the right state to place a bet. But what if your state’s regulations mean you can’t place a bet online. Does that mean you’re out of the game completely?

In this blog, we'll look at geolocation, its role in traditional online sports betting, as well as how it opens up new avenues, like matched betting. We’ll also look at how out-of-staters can maximize their profits, all thanks to geolocation.


  1. What Does “Geolocation” Mean?
  2. Geolocation and Sports Betting
  3. How to Maximize Profits Out of State
  4. One More Thing…

1. What Does 'Geolocation' Mean?

“Geolocation” is the process of identifying and determining the exact geographic location of a computer, networking device or user.

This is done using various technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi or IP addresses. Geolocation is often used to verify the physical location of a user, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


2. Geolocation and Sports Betting

Online sportsbooks use geolocation to assure them that accounts accessing their sites to do sports betting are doing so within state boundaries. Gaming regulators require sportsbooks to use this technology to confirm that they only accept wagers from individuals who are physically present in-state. If they don't, the sportsbooks may lose their gaming license.

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Geolocation software creates a virtual fence to allow users in the state to place bets. Unfortunately, if you are close to the state border - and therefore the virtual fence - you may experience some issues.

For example, you might receive a message alerting you that you are not located within the state and are therefore unable to place a bet. If this happens, travel a few miles further within the state so the geolocation software can detect that you are firmly in border limits. Once you have done this, you should have no problem wagering on a sports betting site.


3. How to Maximize Profits Out of State

If you live in one of the states which does not currently allow online sportsbooks to operate, you can still use a sports betting site. As long as you have a legal address and are aged 21 or above, you can sign up for an online sportsbook account outside of your home state.

One of the best strategies to maximize your profits out of state is to go to the states with the most generous promos and convert them into cash using matched betting. You don't even need to be a resident of the state to do this and it's completely legal.

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While at home, you can open an account, look at odds and deposit/withdraw cash. However, as per the legislation, you must be located within the state boundaries to actually place a bet.

This means that if you're on vacation, or traveling to (or through) a state where online sports betting has been legalized, you can then use your sportsbook account to place bets. And don’t worry if a wager is not settled until you have returned home, you will still be able to withdraw money even if you've already left the state.

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