How to Convert a Profit Boost with Matched Betting

Everyone loves a good deal. Imagine you're at the store and you see a "Buy one, get one free!" sign. With this deal, you pay for one item but actually get two. Sweet! In the world of sports betting, a profit boost is kind of similar in that you could walk away with more than you pay for…

Profit boosts are a type of promo offer given out by online sportsbooks which can add a percentage boost to your winnings, transforming good bets into even better ones.

In this post, we’ll cover profit boost basics and show you how to make guaranteed profits every time by converting this promo type with matched betting.


  1. What is a Profit Boost?
  2. What is the Difference Between Profit Boost and Price Boost Offers?
  3. Finding the Best Profit Boosts
  4. How to Convert a Profit Boost with Matched Betting
  5. Boost Your Matched Betting Strategy

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1. What is a Profit Boost?

A profit boost is a promo offer provided by sportsbooks to enhance the potential winnings on successful wagers.

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Profit boosts are designed to encourage new or repeated betting activity from sportsbook customers. If the boosted bet wins, the return is higher than it would be with regular odds. So, if you use a profit boost, when you win your bet, you get more money back than you would have without the boost.

Typically, the sportsbook adds a certain percentage to the winnings of a bet, effectively boosting the payout. For example, if a sportsbook offers a 50% profit boost on a bet, it means that if the bet wins, the winnings will be increased by 50%. That’s on top of the original amount.

Depending on the sportsbook, profit boosts can vary in terms of the percentage boost offered and any accompanying terms and conditions. But don't mistake the improved odds that price boosts offer for a profit boost offer as these are slightly different promo types. We’ll look at exactly how next.


2. What is the Difference Between Profit Boost and Price Boost Offers?

Although similar in that both are promo offers used by sportsbooks to incentivize their customers, there is a subtle difference between profit boosts and price boosts.

Price boosts, also known as “odds boosts” or “enhanced odds”, are usually available for a limited time or applied to specific events, such as a player prop or parlay. These rules are set by the sportsbook, so always check the terms and conditions of specific boosts before jumping on them.

Another difference between profit boosts and price boosts is that profit boosts are typically presented as adding a percentage (%) boost to your profit. In contrast, price boosts present you with improved, more attractive odds at the point of betting.

Profit boosts can be used to bet on anything at any time. There will still be terms and conditions to note but on the whole, profit boosts are a more flexible bonus offer. So where can you find profit boosts?


3. Finding the Best Profit Boost

Profit boosts are offered daily by a range of online sportsbooks, such as FanDuel and Bet365.

Since profit boosts can vary widely, look for promotions which offer a higher percentage boost.

For example, boosts can be 5%, 20%, 50%, and sometimes even 100%. The larger the boost, the greater the potential earnings. Sportsbooks will either boost the total payout, or the winnings (minus your original stake). Again, this will be outlined in the terms and conditions of the offer, so check first!

Here are some things to think about when looking for profit boost opportunities:

  • Take a Look Around: Don’t limit yourself to just one sportsbook. Compare profit boost promo offers across sportsbooks to find the best one.
  • Check the Max Bet Limits: Ensure the sportsbook's bet limits align with your intended stake to maximize the benefit from the profit boost.
  • Consider the Boost Percentage: Opt for the sportsbook that gives the highest boost percentage to ensure maximum profit.
  • Check Your Emails: Sometimes you can receive exclusive profit boosts via email which are more generous than those offered on the sportsbook's site.

4. How to Convert a Profit Boost with Matched Betting

ProfitDuel’s specialized tool, the Boost Matcher, is perfect for converting sportsbook profit boost promos into guaranteed cash.

These promos offer a percentage (%) increase on any profit you make from a particular bet, and can be cleverly converted into risk-free profits using a similar process to arbitrage betting. By using the matched betting process, you won’t lose any money because you will have covered both potential outcomes of a game. Plus: if your first bet wins, you’ll also have your profits boosted thanks to the offer.

Finding discrepancies between sportsbook odds you can take advantage of with your profit boost, the Boost Matcher can help you level up your monthly profits in just a few minutes.

Simply follow these 5 steps to convert profit boosts with the Boost Matcher:

  1. Select a Profit Boost: Find a profit boost offer you want to convert. ProfitDuel members can check the Ongoing Offers page for any profit boosts we have live in their state. You might also find a profit boost offer on the sportsbook site or via email.
  2. Input Profit Boost Details: Set up the Boost Matcher with the relevant information, such as sportsbook, and boost percentage then click ‘Update Result’.

    Tip: At this point, you can also add any filters, a particularly useful trick should your promo offer be sport or market-specific.
  3. Select a Match: Review the results and select a match. Factors like profit and bankroll (how much you need to hedge your bet on the second sportsbook) will play a key role in your selection. Find these details by clicking the calculator icon next to a match.
  4. Place the Bets: Follow the instructions on the Boost Matcher Calculator for your chosen match. These will tell you how much to bet on each side, at which sportsbook and how much profit to expect.

    Tip: Remember to double-check that the odds displayed on the Boost Matcher Calculator match those on the sportsbook when you come to bet. If there are any slight changes, edit the figure on the calculator to reflect that and it will edit stakes accordingly.
  5. Withdraw Your Profit: Once the game has ended, your winnings will be added to your sportsbook account (the one that backed the winning side). You’re now free to go ahead and withdraw your risk-free profit.

5. Boost Your Matched Betting Strategy

Profit boosts are a regular addition to the sportsbooks’ offering, so make sure you add them to your daily matched betting routine.

Use a trusted matched betting service like ProfitDuel to make the most of profit boosts. With our Boost Matcher, profit boost promos are effortlessly converted into guaranteed cash without any risk. It does this by finding discrepancies between sportsbooks’ odds. Tailor your search with filters and quickly view results to see the best profit boost opportunities.

The benefits of employing the Boost Matcher include its risk-free nature, speedy identification of profitable matches, simplification of calculations for users, customization options through filters and affordability at a low monthly rate, offering considerable value in comparison to potential profits.

Try the Boost Matcher and boost your matched betting profits today. As well as the Boost Matcher, ProfitDuel provides a range of specialized tools and integrated profit-tracking, designed for maximizing matched betting profits. With competitive pricing currently at $29.99 per month and a 14-day free trial, ProfitDuel offers affordability and accessibility, catering to both novice and experienced matched bettors.

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