Which Secondary Sportsbook Should I Choose When Matched Betting?

List of sportsbooks, odds and sports teams

The matched betting process removes betting risk by covering all potential outcomes of a game, rather than putting your money on one team and hoping they win. This is done by placing two ‘matching’ bets: one on Team A to win and the other on Team B.

These opposing bets are placed at two different online sportsbooks. But which ones?

Usually, the first sportsbook will be chosen based on the welcome offer available…so how do you choose a secondary sportsbook? And how do you make sure it’s the ‘right’ one?

In this blog post, we'll look into why selecting the right secondary sportsbook is crucial for a successful matched betting side hustle.


  1. Why Choosing the Right Secondary Sportsbook Matters
  2. Factors to Consider When Selecting a Secondary Sportsbook
  3. Popular Secondary Sportsbooks for Matched Betting
  4. Tips for Managing Multiple Secondary Sportsbooks
  5. How to Pick the Perfect Sportsbook Every Time
  6. Final Thoughts and Recommendations

1. Why Choosing the Right Secondary Sportsbook Matters

In matched betting, using a secondary sportsbook is essential if you don’t have access to a betting exchange in your state.

Without one, the matched betting process won’t work. If you just bet using one sportsbook, you will just be gambling and we do not want to do that! Why throw away guaranteed profits and rely on luck?

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Now we know we need to use a secondary sportsbook, it’s time to look at why choosing the right one matters.

Choosing the right secondary sportsbook can be the key to unlocking higher-quality matches and increasing your overall matched betting profits. Let's explore the importance of maximizing matches and avoiding compromised opportunities.

The Importance of Maximizing Matches

Choosing the right secondary sportsbook is not just about having an alternative; it's about maximizing the quality of matches. A diverse range of markets can significantly impact your ability to find profitable matched betting opportunities.

Avoiding Compromised Opportunities

Some matched bettors rely on just one sportsbook as their secondary option. However, this can limit your potential for finding profitable opportunities. Diversifying your options is crucial for long-term success in matched betting.


2. Things to Consider When Selecting a Secondary Sportsbook

Choosing the right secondary sportsbook involves thinking about various factors including available markets, competitive odds and promo offers.

Variety of Available Markets

Access to a wide range of markets is essential for maximizing matched betting opportunities. A wider variety of options outside of traditional markets can give you a competitive edge and could increase your chances of finding lucrative matches.

Always remember to check the terms and conditions of an offer to make sure that the market you are looking at isn't exempt from the promotion.

Competitive Odds

If everybody looked the same, we’d be tired of looking at each other. And if all sportsbooks offered the exact same odds, why would there be so many in operation?

Different sportsbooks have different odds. Some are more competitive than others. And choosing the most competitive will let you maximize your matched betting profits. Don’t limit your profit potential by not exploring as many available odds as possible.

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Promo Offers

Some matched bettors choose a secondary sportsbook based on the strategy of combining promo offers. Now, it’s important to note that this may not be the best strategy to employ when it comes to matched betting, but it’s an option and it therefore makes sense to be aware of the different sportsbook promotions on offer.


3. Popular Secondary Sportsbooks for Matched Betting

At the time of writing, there are around 60 online sportsbooks operating in the US, including Bet365, Caesars and Hard Rock. So much choice! However, remember that not every sportsbook will be available in your state, so please check your eligibility before you access the site or place a bet.

The right choice for a secondary sportsbook will be based on reputation, location and available odds.

While a particular sportsbook may be relatively new to the online landscape, there may be a wealth of history attached to it. For example, the Caesar’s brand has operated casinos in Las Vegas since 1937, only recently opening an online sportsbook.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing a secondary sportsbook from the popular options, use a matched betting platform. A good matched betting platform will list reputable sportsbooks alongside offers and odds. You may also be able to track your bets placed and profits made, depending on the site.


4. Tips for Managing Multiple Secondary Sportsbooks

The idea of juggling numerous online sportsbook accounts could sound overwhelming. However, it’s completely possible to have a streamlined matched betting experience with good account organization and bankroll management.

Account Organization

Keep track of your accounts and ensure you're maximizing your opportunities with each secondary sportsbook. Organization is key to staying on top of your matched betting game.

Bankroll Management

Keep a note of the bets you place and the profit you make. Effectively managing your bankroll across multiple secondary sportsbooks will help you know where your money is.

Powerful Software

Purpose-built, powerful software like the Dutch Matcher helps you take the guesswork out of finding the best secondary sportsbook for the moment. We’ll look at how in more detail next.


5. How to Pick the Perfect Secondary Sportsbook Every Time

Software like the Dutch Matcher is integral to matched betting for so many reasons. First of all, it does all the hard work for you! How?

It scans all sportsbooks in your area, matches the best odds and then orders and presents them in an easy-to-use display. This makes picking the perfect secondary sportsbook for your area, preferred bet type, profit goals and available bankroll easy!


6. Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Factors such as competitive odds, user location and promotional offers can greatly influence your decision when it comes to choosing the right secondary sportsbook when matched betting.

And rather than sticking with one main alternative sportsbook, it might make more sense to decide on an offer-by-offer basis. The sportsbook you choose can significantly impact your profit potential and overall matched betting experience.

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