DisneyWorld in Orlando, all expenses covered by matched betting profits.

Customer Story:
Kayleigh from New Jersey

My name is Kayleigh, I’m 34 years old and I live in Edison, New Jersey. Originally from Brooklyn. I’m a retail cashier and single mom. 

I’ve always held down a job, but the rapid inflation in bills and grocery costs has forced me to look for other ways to earn more money. Taking on a second job wasn't really an option as childcare costs are too high so I was looking for side hustles online.

A friend, now best friend, Tina, told me about matched betting and honestly, it’s changed my life. Grocery and energy bills are no longer a problem and I recently booked my daughter's first vacation- Disneyworld in Orlando, all expenses covered by matched betting profits. I can also earn even more money by recommending my friends, $50 for each friend.

I started slowly but still made $1200 in my first month.It is true the offers run out eventually, but I’m 4 months in and I still have some offers to do now. In total, I’ve made about $5k.

Honestly, it’s been such a blessing for my daughter and me.

I don't know much about sports betting, and I'm not particularly interested in it either. However, ProfitDuel's website made it all seem so easy that I decided to give it a shot.

You do have to invest some of your own money, which was difficult to understand at first, but once you take the leap and trust the process you won't regret it. I just wish I’d found it sooner.

It's nice to not have to worry about money, I don't get stressed about Christmas and I can afford to splash out on presents for my family


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