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The Hustle Report Friday,
22nd March 2024

Hey there,

With Daylight Savings here (except for you folk in Arizona - sorry!), how are you going to take advantage of the extra hour of daylight?

For me, now's the perfect time to start thinking about extra cash for that summer vacation - and I'm here to provide you with valuable resources to help you dive in and start seeing success with your side hustle!

Ready? Scroll down for something to watch, listen, and read!


Why passion, grit, and perseverance are more important than talent

Angela Lee Duckworth, an accomplished American academic, psychologist, and popular science author emphasizes the significance of perseverance during challenging moments.

She believes that the ability to persist through obstacles is crucial for success. Additionally, Duckworth stresses the importance of being passionate about your side hustle, as it fuels motivation and determination.


10 key differences between dreams and goals

Craig Jarrow is known as the Time Management Ninja. His whole focus is to help you better manage your time.

In episode 15 of his Time Management Ninja podcast, Craig looks at 10 key differences between dreams and goals and offers some clear steps on turning your aspirations into goals you can achieve.


Successful entrepreneurs talk about how you can make time for your side hustle

Every side hustle is different. But every side hustle needs one thing - time.

This is such a great article as not only does it allow you to hear from successful entrepreneurs (which is always awesome!), but it also gives you some genuinely great points that you can follow to carve out more time in your day to make money with your side hustle.

And I'm totally confident you'll be able to apply at least one of them instantly!


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