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The Hustle Report Friday,
May 10th 2024

Hey there,

For so many of us, summer is on the horizon. The sun is starting to shine, the weather is getting warmer and it just makes you feel good, right?

But if that's not enough to keep you moving forward on your side hustle journey, here's something to watch, listen and read to help - enjoy!

Watch 📺
Asking a Billionaire how to Make $1,000,000

Sometimes, we all just need a bit of inspiration.

And this video gives it in bucketloads.

We might not all want a $34 million private jet, but we can all be inspired by what the guy who owns one has to say.


Listen ðŸŽ§
How to Become the Successful Version of Yourself 

Over the course of this 18 minute podcast, The Mindset Mentor is going to talk you through creating the life you dream of.

From getting the vision in mind of your ideal future through to taking action to get there, listen to what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.



Read 📕
To Become Your Best Self, Study Your Successes

When we want to be successful, we often focus on what we want or need to do.

But a good place to start can be looking at what you've achieved already, and this awesome article by Laura Morgan Roberts, Emily D. Heaphy, and Brianna Barker Caza talks about exactly that.

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No catches. Just guaranteed profit.

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