Matched Betting Side Hustle: Earn Extra Cash Online

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For Americans seeking a fully-flexible side hustle that can earn you $1,000s every month with zero experience, free bet conversion (A.K.A matched betting) is a game-changer.

Through platforms like ProfitDuel, over 400,000 people in the US and Europe use matched betting to make monthly profits risk-free. 

Never heard of it? Don't worry – in this blog we'll break down how it works, its benefits, drawbacks and how you can use it to level-up your income. 


How matched betting works 

Matched betting might sound complex, but it's actually a simple strategy that involves taking advantage of free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers.

By placing bets on both sides of an event (back and lay bets) to cover all outcomes, you can unlock the bonus bets, which can then be turned into real cash.

While this might sound like betting, technically it isn't. Free bet conversion uses a well-established technique that ensures you win regardless of the outcome, free of risk.

This has helped matched betting to become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional betting in Europe, and in recent years, the US too.


Benefits of matched betting as a side hustle

Some of the most common benefits associated with matched betting include: 

  • High earning potential: Matched betting can be an incredibly profitable side hustle, with some active users earning as much as $5,000/mo with ProfitDuel. Some platforms even allow users to try their services for free.

  • Risk-free nature: Unlike conventional gambling, matched betting uses a mathematical approach that transforms free bets into guaranteed winnings, regardless of the final outcome.

  • Fully flexible: Users can work matched betting entirely around their own schedules,  with complete flexibility regarding time and location (within eligible states).

  • Welcome bonuses: Certain websites allow members to earn extra bonus income for each new member they refer. At ProfitDuel, this amounts to $50 per referred member.

  • Passive income: Some providers offer a share of the revenue to members who become affiliates. At ProfitDuel, we grant affiliates a 50% share in profits every time a referred member makes a payment, presenting the opportunity for significant passive income without any extra cost.

  • No experience needed: Reputable matched betting platforms like ProfitDuel do the hard work of finding offers, matching bets and calculating profits for you. Meaning all you need to do to make money is follow our step-bet-step guides. 

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Drawbacks of matched betting as a side hustle

However, like any side hustle, is is crucial to consider  both the pros and cons of matched betting before getting involved:

  • Time investment: While matched betting can make considerable extra income, it does require time. However, this can be from as little as a few hours every week.  

  • Starting pot: To get started with matched betting, you need some money upfront. You could start with as little as $50, but if you want to maximise your profits, having around $300 is optimal. 

  • Limited to certain states: Right now 34 states in the US allow online sports betting, with more states expected to follow in the future. This means not every person can get into matched betting at this point in time. 


Average hourly rate for matched betting

While the exact earnings can vary based on factors like the time you invest and the offers available, the average hourly rate for matched betting can range from $20 to $50 or more.

However, ProfitDuel premium users who work through their first month's suggestions can earn an average of $230/hr due to the high level of welcome offers available upon subscription.


How to get started with matched betting

Starting matched betting without the help of a reputable platform can seem daunting.

Finding worthwile offers, making complex calculations and comparing bookmakers by yourself can eat away at time. At ProfitDuel do the hard work for you.

You can get started matched betting with zero experience following these five simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the ProfitDuel 14-day free trial.

  2. Redeem your welcome offer and earn $100+ in less than an hour.

  3. Still happy? Sign up for ProfitDuel premium for $29.99/mo.

  4. Work through our library of offers and step-by-step guides to earn $1,000s more in your first month.

  5. (Optional) join our affiliates scheme and earn $50 for every member you refer, as well as a 50% revenue share of every subscription they make moving forward.

It really is that simple! Try our 14-day free trial and see for yourself. Have any questions? Book a call with one of the ProfitDuel team here, we'll help you take your income to the next level. 

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