Jack Taylor ProfitDuel CEO

Jack Taylor

ProfitDuel CEO

Jack Taylor is the CEO at ProfitDuel, and has almost a decade of experience working in senior management and leadership positions for some of the biggest names in betting. Having operated in a combination of matched betting and sportsbook companies, Jack's rare mix of decision-making experience on both sides of the fence gives him a unique competitive edge in the space. 

Having featured in a host of media publications for his take on matched betting - including his piece in Vice Magazine - and spoken at a range of industry events, Jack is a well known  figure in the industry. 



  • 2010: Jack starts matched betting whilst in College to make some extra money on the side. he continues this for the next six years and in total earns over $20k.

  • 2012: He starts his corporate career in digital marketing and goes on to work for a number of large International brands in a variety of different industries - cosmetics (L'Oreal), fashion (Paul Smith and music (Universal Music).

  • 2016: Starts working in the gambling industry in the UK. Goes on to hold senior director level positions for multiple sportsbooks. Gains an interesting insight into the industry from the inside.

  • 2017: Starts working for a large matched betting company in the UK. Helps to introduce tens of thousands of people to the concept.

  • 2022: Following the introduction of matched betting to the US in 2020, in 2022 Jack joins ProfitDuel. He now uses his experience to help Americans learn about matched betting.



  • Matched betting 

  • Sports betting 

  • Digital marketing

  • Affiliate marketing 

  • Commercial operations


A Quote from Jack

"When we kicked off this journey in 2022, we had no idea just how many Americans were crying out for a side hustle like ProfitDuel. Two years on and we're proud to be welcoming new members every day.

And this is just the beginning. With our team's decades of experiences in the space and insatiable drive to help the everyday American beat the bookie, I'm proud to be able to lead ProfitDuel through what will be a game changing next few years for US matched betting."


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