How Much Can You Make Matched Betting in the US?

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Among the fastest-growing side hustles in the US, one of the key draws of matched betting is its ability to earn users major profits with little startup costs.

But just how much money can you make matched betting? In this piece we'll explain everything you need to know to unlock this simple technique's serious money-making potential.


1. How Much Can You Make Matched Betting?

How much you can make matched betting depends on several factors, including the state you live in, the offers available and the time you are willing to dedicate. However, the average matched bettor in the US makes $300 to $2,000 a month matched betting.

The four main factors that determine how much you make from matched betting include:

  1. Hours you can commit

  2. Current welcome offers available

  3. How much initial bankroll (investment) you can commit

  4. Whether you become an affiliate (see section 4)

Let's say you dedicate an hour to matched betting a day and hit somewhere down the middle of the monthly average at $1,000.  That translates to an hourly wage of $33, equivalent to a $68,000 annual salary when extrapolated. That's pretty impressive for a side hustle that requires zero experience.


2. Does Matched Betting Guarantee a Profit?

Yes, when the process is followed correctly, matched betting guarantees a profit. It does this using a clever (but simple) process that covers all outcomes of a sporting event, therefore unlocking a sportsbook promo which is converted to cash.

Put simply, here's how the matched betting process guarantees you a profit:

  1. Sign Up: Register for a sportsbook that offers a promo offer (e.g. a free bet).

  2. Place a Qualifying Bet (AKA a Back Bet): Place a bet on a sports team to win a game to unlock the free bet.

  3. Place a Hedge Bet (AKA a Lay Bet): Now wager a bet on the opposing team to win the game (you've now covered all outcomes of the event and unlocked your free bet risk-free).

  4. Repeat the Process: Once the game has concluded and you have received your free bet, repeat steps 2 and 3 on a different game, using your free bet for one team.

  5. Withdraw Your Winnings: Once the game has finished, you'll be credited with your risk-free winnings on your sportsbook account.

Boom! You've just locked in a profit with 15 minutes of work, how does it feel?

Note: Choose a sporting event that only has two potential outcomes (win or loss) such as an MLB game or a tennis match. Doing this will make sure you don't risk the game ending in a draw and coming away with no winnings.

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3. How Long Does it Take to Become Profitable with Matched Betting?

With some matched betting platforms, beginners can secure their first profits within the first hour of signing up.

At ProfitDuel, once you've watched our three beginner explainer videos (roughly 5 minutes each), you can complete your welcome offer within 30 minutes and lock in $100 to $200 profit, risk-free and free of charge with our 14-day free trial.

Whilst earning your first profits can be easy, it's worth noting that mastering matched betting is a more gradual process.


4. What is the Maximum you can Earn Matched Betting? 

With matched betting, the ceiling's quite literally the limit. To put this in perspective, at ProfitDuel our top-earning members earn between $6,000 - $10,000 per month.

How? Because on top of being members, they're also affiliates. This means that they share the ProfitDuel message far and wide through YouTube channels, social accounts, forums and more. By doing this, they earn a 50% revenue share (AKA commission) every time a referral of theirs makes a payment.

Refer 10 members on a monthly membership of $30? If they stay on board for a year, you've just bagged yourself $1,500 in passive income. Refer 100? And that's $15,000 a year alongside your matched betting winnings. You get the idea.


5. How Much must I Invest in Matched Betting?

You have two initial costs when you start matched betting:

A) Matched Betting Platform Subscription

This cost relates to the monthly or yearly subscription of signing up to a matched betting platform. Whilst matched betting is possible without a platform, matched betting platforms make the full process insanely easier and far more profitable.

Offering access to tools like a Dutch Matcher, which instantly sets up the most profitable matched betting offers in your area, or a Profit Tracker, which analyses your matched betting profits to help you map out your long-term goals, a matched betting platform is a no-brainer investment.

Free Trial: Try Risk-Free Matched Betting with our 14-Day Free Trial


B) Bankroll

This is technically not a cost, but more of a deposit. Bankroll is the initial cash you need to place on bets to unlock your free bet promotion, and through the matched betting process you get it back once your selections' matched has finished.

However, it's worth knowing that different promotions can require different minimum bankroll amounts to qualify. So even though you can start making profits with a bankroll as little as $50, the more bankroll you have to play with, the more generous free bet promotions you can unlock.


6. How do you Deposit and Withdraw Money with Matched Betting?

Depositing and withdrawing cash when matched betting is carried out on your sportsbook account itself, rather than the matched betting platform.

But it's really simple once you know what you're doing, and today you can deposit and withdraw using a number of methods.

Deposit methods include:

Withdrawal methods include:

  • Debit card
  • Online banking
  • PayPal (though not recommended)


7. Do I Need any Betting Knowledge to Make Money Matched Betting?

Quite simply - no. As mentioned earlier, even newbies who've never a sports game in their life can begin earning profits with matched betting right from kick-off.

With reputable platforms offering walkthrough guides for beginners right through to expert level, you don't need to be a betting pro to bag a buck matched betting.

At ProfitDuel, we take things a step further with a dedicated customer support team made up of industry experts, happy to guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions you might have.


8. Can I Make Money Matched Betting if I Already Have a Sportsbook Account?

Indeed you can! Having multiple existing sportsbook may reduce the potential profit you can earn from sign-up promotions. But sign-up offers are just the starting point.

You’ll be able to take advantage of reload offers, which are ongoing offers that sportsbooks use to target existing customers.

What's more, a long list of sportsbooks exist in the US today, so you'll likely have plenty of offers to make use of. ProfitDuel we have over 100 sign-up offers listed on the ‘New Customer Offers‘ page, and extra money-making reload opportunities updated regularly

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9. What Different Matched Betting Offers Exist?

Uncovering the most rewarding matched betting offers in the US market will amplify your profits. But in order to do that, it can be useful to know which types of offers exist and how they vary.

Offer Type Description
Sign-Up Offer Typically available for new customers, these provide a profitable starting point for matched bettors.
Risk-Free Bet If your first bet loses, the bookmaker returns your stake as a free bet.
Free Bet Offer These are promotional offers where bookmakers give away free bets as part of specific events or tournaments. These give match betting its often referred to name 'free bet conversion'.
Reload Offer Existing customers can avail of these, which keeps the profit rolling in long after the sign-up bonuses are exhausted.
Enhanced Odds, Accumulator and Refund Offers These are more complex offerings, but with the right approach, they can significantly boost your earnings.

Note: it is advised that you don't combine offers when completing matched betting opportunities. To extract the maximum profit in your state, convert them one-by-one.


10. Can You Lose Money Matched Betting?

When the process is followed correctly, you cannot lose money matched betting. That's what gives the process its commonly referred to name 'no-risk matched betting'.

However, we're all human, and if you make a human error in the process (such as betting on the wrong event by accident), this can of course result in a loss. 

Whilst it will generally only be the amount you wagered on that bet that you could lose, for this reason it's important to be aware of the details of a matched betting offer and not jump in too quickly without double-checking and doing your research.

Note: Only try matched betting if you're in a state where online sports betting is legal. Check out our piece for an overview of eligible states, or this piece by CBS Sports for a more in-depth insight.

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11. Tips to Make Money with Matched Betting

Anyone with a Wifi connection and a few hours a week spare can make money with matched betting, but there are some game-changing tips that, if you make use of, can take your matched betting profits to the next level.

Here are seven of the most effective:

  1. Do Your Research: Continually learning is essential to maximize your matched betting profits. The walkthrough guides and videos that some platforms offer can be an easy and effective way to help you master this side hustle.

  2. Double Check Selections: This may sound like an obvious one, but making a mistake when entering selections is the most common reason that can lead matched bettors to lose money. Always double-check your bets to avoid losses.

  3. Round Bets: Sportsbooks don't like it when you have an edge over them, so they may limit your account if they suspect you're matched betting. One way to avoid this is to make sure you round your bets up or down to whole numbers, to appear as though you're a standard sports bettor.

  4. Make Use of Tools and Calculators: Tools like the Dutch Matcher that fast-track the matched betting process, and calculators like the free bet conversion calculator that let you weigh up winnings before you place your free bet, can make earning profits that bit easier.

  5. Track Your Profits: Once you begin making profits, you'll want to track them. Though simple spreadsheets can be a basic way to do this, purpose-built profit trackers can give you detailed insights into your matched betting winnings, and give you an insight into what offers work best.

  6. Be Consistent: Matched betting is like any other job, sport or hobby - practice makes perfect. Continue to learn and place bets and you'll build your skillset and soon find the money you make every week in the same time grows and grows. Our top members make $1,000s every week and all point to this tip as the holy grail.

  7. Choose a Reputable Matched Betting Platform: This is the most crucial tip any matched bettor can take. Choosing a reputable matched betting platform that has a blend of cutting-edge technology, strong customer support and a proven track record can make your matched betting experience more enjoyable and profitable.



12. Make Your First $100 Matched Betting in 5 Steps

Now you know everything there is to know about making money matched betting (the useful stuff at least), you're probably thinking it's time do dive in and test out the profit-filled waters. We don't blame you.

Well, fire away, here's how easy it is to make your first $100 at ProfitDuel in 4 steps.


1. Sign Up To A Matched Betting Platform

ProfitDuel free trial screen

Signing up to a reputable matched betting platform is key. A good matched betting platform will speed up the process, skyrocket your potential winnings and guide you every step of the way.

At ProfitDuel we've got over 10 years of experience helping everyday Europeans make risk-free cash with matched betting. In the UK alone we've had over 400,000 happy customers. Better yet, we're offering new members a taste of the profits with a 14-day Free Trial.


2. Pick an Offer Using a Dutch Matcher

Now you're all signed up, you'll want to go ahead and choose an available offer in your state. With traditional sports betting, this would involve manually trawling through dozens of sportsbooks, seeking out promotions and potentially still coming away empty-handed if your bet lost.

With ProfitDuel, that's not the case. Our state-of-the-art Dutch Matcher scans all available promotions from sportsbooks in your area, matches them with an event and outlines the step-by-step process of unlocking them. Hint: we've got a current welcome offer that will gain members $100+ profit in 15 minutes in every available state.


3. Sign Up to the Relevant Sportsbooks

Shutterstock_370722569 (1)

Now you've had your bets mapped out, all that's left do to before placing your bets is signing up to the sportsbooks that the Dutch matcher has outlined.

Traditionally, this might involve signing up to a long list of sportsbooks to uncover hidden promos, wasting valuable time and effort. At ProfitDuel we do the hard work for you and dish up only the most appropriate sportsbook offers for you on a plate


4. Place Your Bets

Matched betting platform offer

Here's where it gets exciting. All that is left to do to kickstart the process is go ahead and place your bets.

The Dutch Matcher will outline exactly which bets to place, which event to choose and how much to put down. All you need to do is follow the instructions, place your qualifying and hedge bets, and you've just locked in your first $100+ of profit.


5. Withdraw Your Risk-Free Profits

Smartphone showing transaction companies

You've put the work in and now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Once the event has concluded and your winnings have been credited to your sportsbook account, go ahead, sign in and withdraw your $100+ via your chosen method.

Sound easy enough? Go ahead and put it into practice. We're currently offering a 14-Day Free Trial, where you can unlock the above profit in 15 minutes and gain access to full ProfitDuel resources and one-to-one support with our team of experts. 

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*DISCLAIMER: We're legally required to state that there is no guarantee of specific results each month. The amount of money that you earn can vary dependant on the time and effort that you commit each month.