Why you (really) shouldn’t bet on the Super Bowl

Let me start off by saying something really important. This article is for you no matter if you:

  • Hate the Super Bowl and betting
  • Love the Super Bowl and betting
  • Couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl and betting

It might be one of the biggest sporting events in the world with literally billions of dollars wagered on it each and every year, but I sit firmly in the camp that you shouldn’t bet on the Super Bowl.

At least not if you want to actually guarantee profit.

Now I’ll get on to how I go about guaranteeing profit a little later on (or you can jump straight to it here), but first let’s ask ourselves one question.


Who’s really OK with losing money?

The numbers that fly around when it comes to the Super Bowl are just insane.

Floyd Mayweather lost $10,000 last year when he bet on the Eagles, who went on to lose to the Chiefs.

The year before Tipico said one of their customers lost $50,000 when the Bengals lost to the Rams.

Head back a few years more and the Famous ‘Mattress’ Mack lost $8 million when the Seahawks upset the Broncos in the 2014 Super Bowl.

(and that wasn't even the last time lost $8 million on a bet...)


But it really doesn’t matter whether you’re losing $1 or $10 million. It sucks. Even just the mental thought of being a loser is garbage. Never mind the actual financial loss.

I mean Floyd Mayweather can afford $10,000 (the guy’s said to be worth around $400 million), but his boxing career saw him lose quite literally zero fights. He's a winner. He’s not going to feel great when he’s losing a bet.

These are just a few examples of big names and big bets, too.

Think of all the $10, $20 and $30 bets that are lost each and every year.

If we use the fact it’s been reported nearly 68 million American adults will bet on the Super Bowl, and $23 billion is said to be wagered, that’s an average bet of around $340.

Could you afford to lose $340?

Even if you could, would you be happy with it?

I wouldn't be.


So what’s the answer?

Well the obvious thing to do here is don’t bet. If you’re not betting on the Super Bowl, you’re not going to lose any money.

But at the same time, you’ve also removed any chance of you potentially banking some serious profit.

So in the ideal world, we’d remove the risk but still get involved.

Because no one likes to lose, but everyone likes to win, right?

And the reality is today, that’s exactly what’s possible - you can get involved in the Super Bowl (or any sporting event) and walk away with a guaranteed profit without actually having any of your cash at risk.

It's all about knowing what to do.


You don’t have to gamble to win

One of the most important points to remember is there’s a huge difference between placing a bet that is a total gamble and placing a bet in a way that guarantees a profit.

You can’t gamble and guarantee a profit. It's as simple as that.

But you can place bets in a way that means you'll always guarantee a profit.

And I don't mean in a 'oh this is definitely going to win. They're favorites!'-kind of way.

I mean in a 'it doesn't matter what happens, I'm going to profit'-kind of way.

If you want a quick overview of what I'm actually talking about, check out this video. It’s less than two minutes long and explains the process perfectly.

But what we’re essentially doing is converting the promos, offers and bonuses sportsbooks provide (whether that’s when you first sign up, regularly as a member, or for one off events like the Super Bowl) into withdrawable cash.


Yes, this means you’ll need to place a bet but no, you’ll never have any money at risk.

For some of you reading, you’ll stop here and click away. And I get it. If you want nothing to do with sportsbooks - you don’t even want to visit their website - this isn’t for you.

But if you don’t mind using sportsbooks to your advantage, and in a way that will see you walk away with guaranteed cash, then you need to start exploring this whole process more.


Here's what you need to do

There's a few ways to get started, but here's what I'd suggest:

  1. Read our step-by-step guide which tells you exactly how to make your first $100

  2. Take a look at what we’re doing with the Super Bowl and how you can get started for $1

  3. Have a chat with our team and our community. You’ve got Discord here, live chat in the bottom of your screen, or the ability to book a personalized 1:1 session here.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, and it’s happening this Sunday.

But you know what?

It really doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what day it is, what event it is or what the outcome is.

There are already 450,000 people who are winning big every time without risking a single dime.

And I love being one of them.


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