$1,000 for $1, the importance of sleep, and more

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The Hustle Report Friday,
26 January 2024

Hey there,

Everyone jokes about January being a long month.

But it seems an age since the holidays.

You've got a few days to get through until the end of the month - so stop, take stock, and get ready to nail your side hustle as we head into February.

You've got this! 👊


Increase your productivity by sleeping more

If there's a group of working people who experience sleep deprivation - and who know the importance of trying to get sleep - it's first-year medical professionals. So hit the link, watch Jamie for five minutes, and understand why it's so important to sleep if you want to succeed!


A chat with one of the world's youngest billionaires

Last year Ben Francis - the founder of Gymshark - was said to have a net worth of $1.3 billion. The guy's 31 years old. Juggling college, pizza delivery, and setting up what's gone on to be one of the biggest fitness brands in the world, is an awesome insight into the life to date of Ben Francis. 


Mindset is everything when it comes to your side hustle

"If you know anything at all about me or my writing, you know I’m passionate about people starting their own businesses and side hustles" - an opening line that caught my eye, check out this piece by Michael Swengel to help you get into the mindset for side hustle success.


Tips, Tricks & More
A community of people earning big

Most of us want to help each other. Helping old ladies cross the road. Helping mom bring the groceries in. Helping your kids with school. It's in our nature. So it's no surprise that we've got a Discord community of people who are earning big already, and who want to help you earn big, too.


You won't get a lot for $1 this weekend.

But what you will get is the ability to make over $1,000. Risk-free.

Do I need to say more? Check it out! 👇



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