The most important thing you can do, using AI, and an easy way to $1,000

The Hustle Report - December 2nd 2023

Hey there,

Thanksgiving has been and gone and Christmas is just far enough away for you to have a few days thinking about something else.

And what better topic to think about than starting your side hustle and making it a success.

Here's something to watch, something to listen to and something to read (and a little something extra) to get you feeling inspired.




The most important thing you can do for your finances

"The most important thing you can possibly do for your finances is to save a certain portion of your income." Easier said than done - and the reason why having a side hustle that works is critical for so many.

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How to use AI to create digital products

If you need a reason to keep up-to-date with the latest side hustles, this is it. This podcast is all about how Becky Beach developed a successful side hustle selling digital products - created by AI.

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4 secrets of successful side hustles

Fun fact: the term 'side hustle' dates back to the 1920s apparently. And with side hustles having changed over the last 100 years, there are a few key secrets to making your side hustle a success today.

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Tips, Tricks & More

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See you next week! 

Jenna Taylor
Side Hustle Specialist 


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