How to balance a side hustle with a 9 to 5, earning an easy $100, and more

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The Hustle Report Friday,
13th January 2024

Hey there,

The start of a year is a strange one, isn't it? We're somewhere between trying to get the difficult few weeks after the holidays out of the way and being fully motivated to make the most of the year ahead.

With some awesome things to keep you on the road to success with your side hustle in 2024, let's dive straight in - I think you'll love the first video!


How to balance a 9-5 with a side hustle

Now that the holiday season has come to an end and we're back to work, it's important to prioritize productivity in the new year. Discover how the talented Christy Anne Jones manages her side hustle alongside her 9 to 5 job with her five valuable tips.


How to hit any goal

In this episode of the Mindset Mentor, Rob dives into the significance of setting goals and how they can contribute to the growth of your side hustle. Rob also introduces the "stop, start, continue" theory, helping you stay focused on what you're hoping to achieve and what you have completed. 


Are side hustles worth it?

If you're still not sure about starting a side hustle, take a look at this piece. It delves into the advantages and disadvantages of them and breaks down the concept of a side hustle so you can determine if it's the right money-making opportunity for you.


Tips, Tricks & More
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If you're into the world of fantasy football, chances are you know of Faraz @ Upperhand Fantasy. He did an awesome video recently on how we can help you get to $1,000+ each month - it's definitely worth a watch.


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