How I manage my time with a full time job, side hustle success, and a guaranteed $100

The Hustle Report - Friday, December 8th 2023

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Sometimes all we need is a little motivation and a nod in the right direction. Especially when we're trying to start a side hustle but feel like we have zero time.

So if you're feeling like that this week, here's a few pieces of content to help.

You've got this!



How I manage my time with a full time job, freelance work & side hustles

By her own admission, Rachel How sleeps a lot - but still manages to have a full time job, freelance work, YouTube work and create digital products. This is a great video which shows exactly how she fits everything in to her day.

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How we set and achieve goals

I've shared information before on the importance of goal setting with your side hustle, and here Szu-chi Huang, an associate professor of marketing with a specific interest in motivation, delves into it further.

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Is starting a side hustle really worth it?

A great piece in the Harvard Business Review by Anne-Lyse Wealth, it actually looks more at what you need to do for your side hustle to be successful rather than whether one is really worth it (and it has some awesome insights from two successful side hustlers).

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Tips, Tricks & More

Earn free money and get free gift cards

To top up your income by a few dollars each month, Zoombucks will pay out - in gift cards - after you have watched a video or completed a survey. It's free to sign up, and every few dollars is worth it on the run up to Christmas, right? 

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