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Profits Weekly -  Wednesday, November 8th 2023

Hey there,

There’s so much goodness to share with you this week!

With the sports season in full swing (NBA 🏀 NFL 🏈 NHL 🏒 plus the college sports anyone?) the chance to make big risk-free profits is just insane.

And we've got everything you need to maximize your earnings.

So let’s get to it.

Here’s a selection of tips, insights and offers you’re going to want to take a look at.


Over $40,000 of offers across 15 states 

Right now our premium members have access to over $40,000 worth of sign up offers and promos alone 💥

And what’s super important to remember is you don’t need to live in a state to access the offers - you just need to physically be in it.

One of our members lives in New Jersey, works in New York and has family he regularly visits in both Pennsylvania and Ohio. At the time of writing this email that’s around $25,000 in sign up promos and offers alone he can access with ease.

Just loginchoose your default state in your account and when you head to the dashboard, you’ll see the value of the sportsbooks and casino offers for that state.

What could be better than $40,000 in risk-free cash?


The powerful Dutch Matcher

Our Dutch Matcher tool is the single most important tool you can use when you’re working through the sign up bonuses and promos in particular 🏈

The profits from matched betting are determined by the quality of bets that we place.

We want to minimize the qualifying loss from qualifying bets, and extract as much guaranteed profit as possible from the free bets - and the sophisticated Dutch Matcher software gives you all the info you need to do exactly that.

Watch the Dutch Matcher overview video here.


Chris is the ProfitDuel side hustle expert 

So many of our members start with ProfitDuel because of our matched betting software and strategies - but as a premium member, you get access to so much more.

And you can really maximize your earnings with the offers and promos from online casinos.

As a premium member, you get everything you need to gain an advantage and an edge - and in some instances, details of how to profit in a totally risk-free way ✅

In Chris’s email earlier this week he explained how he’d made $1,573 in a single day, and over $1,400 came from a risk-free casino offer.

I totally appreciate we can associate casino with high-stakes gambling, but that really doesn’t need to be the case, and our content on maximizing your casino offers is an awesome starting point.


$1,000 dollars in just one week

Last week, one of our members explained on Discord how they had hit $1,000 in profit after just one week 🚀

A few days earlier a member had shared a new offer they’d found that allowed them to unlock more guaranteed cash.

You can find so many of our team and our members on Discord, and we’re regularly sharing support, insights and offers. You’ll hear it there first before you hear it anywhere else.

Head to Discord and join in now - you really won't regret it.


One simple offer to make $135 profit 

DraftKings have a superb sign up promo at the minute - bet $5 and get $200 in free bets 💸

Credited as 8 x $25 free bets, I did this and turned each of those $25 free bets into an average of $17 of withdrawable cash each. That’s over $135. Guaranteed.

Available in every state, you simply need to login to get the details of exactly what to do.

And if you’ve not got a premium account right now, new users can get full premium access for 7 days for just $1.

See you next week!

Jack Taylor


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