$70 for 10 minutes of work, a personalized 1:1 session, and more ways to profit

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Profits Weekly Wednesday,
7th February 2024

Hey there,

Why does January always feel so long?!

It's awesome to be into February, and there's already so much money-making potential on the horizon.

The Super Bowl is days away, March Madness is nearly here, and the best part about all this? You don't need to like them, watch them, or even care about them at all, as we're going to show you how to make guaranteed profits no matter who wins.

Keep an eye out on your inbox for that content, and in the meantime, check out the below for some instant ways to profit right now.



A Quick and Easy $70 for 10 Minutes Work

If someone said you could get a guaranteed $70 for a few minutes of work, you'd do it, right?

Mix Tipico's sign-up offer with our software, and you could pocket $70 (or over $100 if you're lucky enough to live in Colorado) in less time than it takes you to work out what you'd spend it on.


Talk to an Expert: Book your 1-1 Call Now

We've had some awesome 1:1 calls recently.

Helping new members earn their first $100 (or first $1,000 in a few cases!) and supporting existing members to grow their profits further, I honestly can't recommend them enough.

It's simple - the members we speak to on a 1:1 call make more money than those who we don't speak to.

Book yours now and we'll share screens, walk you through whatever offer you would like, and finish the call with more money on its way to your account than when you started.


Top Tip: Sign Up to Every Marketing Email You Can

Marketing emails can be bland, boring, and pointless.

But other times they're packed with promos that you can turn into cash.

So go sign up to every sportsbook marketing email you can then join our Discord server and you'll come across even more promos as our members spill the beans on all of the offers they get, too!


Check out Our Betting Tools to Help You Make Money

You might have heard me say we provide you with three things at ProfitDuel:

1. Software

2. Strategies

3. Support

The support helps you with the strategies, and the strategies are built around the software - and they're all here to help you make money.

We're continually adding new tools (and there are some super exciting ones on the horizon!), but check out what's available right now.


Matched Betting Promo Offers: 5 Most Common Types

One of the main focuses of ProfitDuel is helping you turn promos, offers, and bonuses into guaranteed cash.

We take care of all the complex math and show you exactly what to do - but that doesn't mean it won't help to understand some of the details.

So I'd totally recommend taking a look at this piece on five of the most common types of promos you'll come across (and how we help you make guaranteed money from them).


Got any questions? Just ask! We're always happy to chat.



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