$900 of cash, getting ready for big opportunities, and more ways to earn this week

Profits Weekly - Wednesday,
27th December 2023

Hey there,

For me, the holidays are all about more. 

More time with family.

More food than normal.

And more opportunities to earn.

Don't let this festive period be one where you don't make a profit - scroll down to see what we've got in store for you this week.


Make $900 Risk-Free With Bet365

Want to end 2023 on a high? This is the offer you need.

Bet365 Casino is giving you a 100% casino match deposit bonus up to $1,000 - and we'll show you how to turn this into around $900 of withdrawable cash.

Check out the guide for full details.


Get Ready For Big Profits With The Superbowl

The Super Bowl is about six weeks away, and it's always a big date in the matched betting calendar.

The reason?

Sportsbooks love to give away huge free bets and bonuses for it.

We'll give you everything you need to maximize these bets and turn them into cash, but I'd 100% recommend making sure you're up-to-speed with how everything works in the ProfitDuel platform - it will make it so much quicker to make some real cash come February 11th.


Got a Question? We're Here to Help

The biggest mistake so many people make is not asking for help when they need it.

We are genuinely here to help you make money. That's it. We've been doing this for years and will be able to answer any questions you have, no matter how small or how complex.

Ask it on live chat, fire it away in Discord, or hit reply to this email.


Want to Earn More? It's Time to Travel!

When you log in to your ProfitDuel account and choose your state, you'll see the promo offers, bonuses, and free bets available to you right now.

But what you absolutely must not forget is you can access offers, bonuses and free bets in other states - you simply need to physically be in them.

You don't need to live in them. You don't need to work in them. You just need to be in them.

We have so many members who travel to two or three different states regularly and are instantly increasing their earnings.

Login right now, change your state to the one you're next visiting, and see just how much money is waiting for you.


We Want You

Want to start 2024 with a change?

Come join us!

Not only are we giving you everything to earn $1,000+ each month, but we want to pay you each month to come and work with us!


As ever any questions just ask - we're simply here to help you earn thousands of dollars each month.

Jack Taylor


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