Side Hustles for Nurses That Fit Your Schedule

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We see you. Working those crazy hours. Picking up extra shifts. Heading back into the hospital, feeling like your head never even hit the pillow. 

We could all do with some extra income but wouldn’t it be nice to do it on your terms? To find an awesome side hustle that fits into your schedule. It’s time you figured out the best side hustle to help you ensure your financial future is as healthy as your patients.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for registered nurses (RN) in the US was $81,220 (May 2022). This equates to $39.05 an hour. The average salary for a newly-qualified RN is $68,873 (August 2023), ranging between $61,785 and $78,734.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways you can use your existing medical skills and certifications, as well as some unrelated side hustles for nurses.

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Side hustles for nurses in the medical field

  1. Medical transcriber
  2. Immunization administrator
  3. CPR or first aid instructor
  4. Freelance medical writer
  5. Telehealth nurse

These side hustles above require a high level of medical knowledge. If you're yet to graduate and are still studying, check out these side hustles for college students instead.

Alternatively, you might just want to leave work at work when it comes to having a side hustle. If that’s the case, check out the following side hustle suggestions and find the perfect fit for your life and schedule.

Side hustles for nurses which don’t require medical knowledge

  1. Matched betting
  2. Rideshare river
  3. Online surveys
  4. Freelance writer
  5. Health and wellness coach

1. Medical transcriber

Medical transcribers play a crucial role in healthcare documentation. They listen to physicians' recorded notes, dictations, or live conversations and transcribe them into written reports. Accurate transcription is vital for maintaining quality medical records. Average hourly wage between $22 and $27 (August 2023).


  • Utilize your knowledge of medical terminology and procedures.
  • Remote working opportunities make it a flexible option for those with varying schedules.
  • It can be a consistent source of income, especially with the increasing reliance on electronic health records (EHRs).


  • Demands focus, precision and attention to detail.
  • Be prepared for a learning curve as different medical professionals may have varying accents or speaking styles.
  • May require specialized training or certification, depending on the employer or client's needs.


2. Immunization administrator

Immunization administrators are responsible for administering vaccines to patients. This role is crucial in ensuring public health and preventing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases. The average vaccine administrator salary for an entry-level position is $15 per hour.


  • Consistent demand for immunization services, especially during flu seasons and pandemics.
  • Can choose to work part-time or per diem, allowing flexibility in scheduling.
  • Provides valuable clinical experience and an opportunity to make a direct impact on public health.


  • Typically need certification, which may require additional training.
  • May involve dealing with individuals who are afraid of needles or vaccinations, which will require you to have strong communication and empathy skills.

3. CPR or first aid instructor

CPR and first aid instructors teach life-saving skills to individuals and groups, including businesses, schools, and community organizations. Based on 468 salaries, the average hourly wage for a CPR instructor is $23.44 (2023).

cpr instructor side hustle


  • High demand for CPR and first aid training, as organizations prioritize safety.
  • Instructors enjoy flexibility in scheduling, allowing them to work around their primary nursing job.
  • An exceptionally rewarding role as you can empower others with life-saving skills.


  • Becoming a certified instructor requires completing a training program and obtaining instructor certification.
  • Can be physically demanding as you may need to perform physical demonstrations.
  • May have to market yourself or network in order to find teaching opportunities or attract clients.

4. Freelance medical writer

Freelance medical writers create various medical content, including articles, blogs, research papers, and resumes for healthcare professionals. According to Upwork, freelance medical writers charge between $23 and $50 an hour.

medical writer


  • Capitalize on your expertise and write about healthcare topics you're passionate about.
  • Offers the flexibility of remote work, potential for high earnings, and diverse project options.


  • Competition can be tough. You'll need to demonstrate strong writing skills and the ability to market yourself effectively.
  • Income may vary significantly from month to month.
  • It takes time and effort to build a meaningful client base.

5. Telehealth nurse

Telehealth nurses provide remote healthcare services to patients via video calls or phone consultations. According to, the average hourly wage for a Telemedicine Registered Nurse in the US is $44 (August 2023). 


  • Expand your clinical skills while working remotely, offering flexibility in scheduling.
  • An in-demand role due to the growth of telemedicine.


  • Will need to undergo specific training for virtual patient interactions.
  • May face challenges, such as patients with limited access to technology or difficulties with communication.
  • You'll need to maintain high-quality, personable care in remote situations.

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1. Matched betting

Matched betting is a method of turning the free bets and promotional offers given out by online sportsbooks into guaranteed profit. By placing opposing bets on all possible outcomes of an event, you can unlock these bonuses without risking your own money. 

Shutterstock_2320690989 (2)-1


  • Can be done at your convenience, making it flexible for nurses with irregular schedules.
  • Requires no special skills or qualifications.
  • Initial profits can be earned relatively quickly.
  • Can be a consistent source of extra income with proper guidance.


  • May sound confusing at first.
  • Online sports bookmakers may restrict or close your account with little warning.
  • Be aware of tax implications in your state.

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2. Rideshare driver

Becoming an Uber or Lyft driver allows you to use your own vehicle to provide transportation services to passengers via a mobile app. According to, the average hourly pay for rideshare drivers in the US is between $15 to $22. It's important to understand that this may depend on things like base fares, tips and other incentives.



  • Offers flexibility to set your own hours.
  • You can earn income quickly and don't need specialized training.
  • Your car can potentially qualify as a tax deduction.


  • Upfront expenses to consider, such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, and insurance.
  • Competition among drivers may affect earnings.
  • May need to work specific/peak hours to earn more substantial income.

Food delivery is along the same lines as a rideshare gig so if you've got your own transport, consider this side hustle too!


3. Online surveys

Participating in online surveys involves sharing your opinions on various topics in exchange for cash, gift cards, or rewards. Many companies and market research firms seek consumer input. However, this can require a lot of time for little financial reward.

online survey


  • Online surveys are highly flexible as you can complete them whenever you have spare time.
  • No specific skills or qualifications needed.
  • Sign up with multiple online survey websites for increased earning potential.
  • It's an easy way to make a small income passively.


  • Can take time to earn enough money to withdraw from the site.
  • Low-paying opportunities or limited availability.
  • Be cautious of scams; only use reputable survey platforms.

4. Freelance writer

Freelance writers create written content for various purposes, such as articles, blogs, marketing materials, or website copy. You can offer your writing services to businesses, publications, or individuals. The average wage of a freelance writer is $27 per hour (August 2023).

female freelance writer-1


  • Provides the flexibility to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Can adjust your writing workload to accommodate their nursing shifts.
  • Significant income potential, especially for experienced writers.


  • Initial earnings may be modest because building a client base and a portfolio takes time.
  • It requires strong writing skills, research ability, and marketing efforts to secure clients.
  • Income can fluctuate and freelancers need to manage their own taxes and benefits.

5. Health and wellness coaching

Ok, so this side hustle may tap into your medical expertise but possibly not to the same degree as some of the other ideas in this article. puts the average hourly rate for health and wellness coaching at $30 (August 2023). 

As a health and wellness coach, you can guide individuals or groups toward healthier lifestyles. Offer personalized advice and support and enable your clients to make positive changes in areas like nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being.

nurse side hustle health coach


  • Apply your medical knowledge beyond clinical settings.
  • Offers the flexibility to set your own schedule, working with clients in person or remotely.
  • The demand for health and wellness coaching is on the rise as people prioritize health.
  • Personally rewarding. You'll witness clients achieving their health goals.


  • Often requires specialized certification or coaching training.
  • May need to pay to have a space to work in.
  • Building a client base and gaining credibility takes time.
  • Time investment. Staying updated with the latest health trends and research is essential for offering the best guidance to your clients.


When it comes to side hustles for nurses, there are so many options to fit around your demanding schedule.

Whether it involves medical-centric roles like transcription and immunization administration, or non-medical options such as matched betting and freelance writing, whichever route you choose to go down, side hustle success is within your reach.

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