Unlike traditional sports betting, which often involves choosing a side and hoping for the best, win-win betting takes a different approach. Instead, it introduces strategies that increase or guarantee the likelihood of winning.

But that sounds too good to be true, right? So is it really possible to win consistently when betting?


  1. What is Win Win Betting?
  2. Is It Possible to Win Every Time in Sports Betting?
  3. The No. 1 Method to Guarantee Bet Wins
  4. 5 Tips to Ensure Wins in Matched Betting
  5. Start Making Money With Win Win Sports Bets Now: Free Trial

1. What is Win Win Betting?

The phrase “Win Win Betting” could refer to a couple of things:

  • A betting market where there are two possible outcomes: Team A win or Team B win. In Europe, the “Win Draw Win” market is very popular, especially in soccer betting. However, in most US sports ties don’t happen as much, so the “Win Win” market is more common.
  • A guaranteed win with a sports bet: The idea of winning a bet, no matter what the outcome of the sports event is.

We’re going to focus on this second point in this blog, so let’s dive in…


2. Is It Possible to Win Every Time in Sports Betting?

Traditional sports betting (or gambling) relies on a combination of chance, analysis and luck. While some individuals may have a higher success rate than others due to their expertise in analyzing sports and statistics, there is always risk involved. It is not possible to win every time in sports betting.

However, some betting strategies remove the element of risk associated with sports betting and can help you win every time.

3 betting strategies that can help get wins every time

  1. Matched betting
    Popular across the US and Europe, this betting strategy enables individuals to get a win by covering all potential outcomes of a game or sports event.

    Opposing bets are placed both for and against a team to win. This therefore unlocks free bets and other sportsbook promo offers, which are then converted into risk-free, guaranteed profit simply using clever matched betting software.

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  2. Arbitrage betting
    Arbitrage betting involves making use of the different odds offered by two sportsbooks in a market to guarantee a profit. Bettors place multiple bets on all possible outcomes of an event, ensuring a win and a positive return, regardless of the outcome.

    This can be a profitable win win strategy in the long term, though generally doesn’t offer as significant profits as quickly as matched betting.

  3. Dutch betting
    Dutching, or Dutch betting, is similar to (and is a process used in) matched betting. However, it is done using multiple sportsbooks to cover all potential outcomes instead of a sportsbook and a betting exchange.

    This method is popular in the US where there are fewer betting exchanges available at the current time, with sophisticated tools like Dutch Matchers and Dutch Calculators simplifying the process.

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3. The No.1 Method to Guarantee Bet Wins

As we touched on above, matched betting is a method used by thousands of people across the world to guarantee that they will win when betting.

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But why is it better than the other strategies above?

Four of the most crucial benefits of matched betting that put it a cut above the other two win win sports betting strategies include:

  • Superior Profits: The matched betting process involves placing multiple bets on both potential outcomes of an event. For example: a bet is placed on Team A to win. Then a second bet is placed on Team B to win. These bets are placed at two different online sportsbooks/betting exchanges.

    Because you’ve covered both potential outcomes, you will technically win no matter which team wins. However, you won’t win any money just doing this, so what’s the point?

    This win-win betting strategy is just one part of the process. When done in conjunction with online sportsbook promotional offers, this is where the guaranteed profits come from!

    Free bet conversion is why matched betting has more available profit than arbitrage betting because you aren’t relying on discrepancies in odds between different sportsbooks.
  • Zero Risk: Because all possible outcomes are covered, there is no way your bets can lose. Your stakes are protected and you will win one of the two bets you placed, no matter the outcome of the game.
  • Rapid Growth: The profit/bankroll-building process with matched betting is much quicker than with the other two strategies because it capitalizes on both potential outcomes of an event, leveraging online sportsbook promotions to secure guaranteed profits, surpassing the slower accumulation of gains achieved through arbitrage betting or dutch betting.
  • Anyone can do matched betting! You don’t have to know anything about sports or sports betting, so even total beginners can do it. When you use a reputable platform, the matched betting strategy is simple, straightforward and profitable from the start.

Once you have the process down, you can earn thousands of dollars every month by turning free bets into profit, thanks to this guaranteed win win betting technique.


4. 5 Tips to ensure wins in matched betting

  1. Only choose sports where there are two outcomes: a win or a loss.
  2. Use helpful tools to guarantee success. For example, ProfitDuel’s Dutch Matcher and built-in Calculator match appropriate odds, remove risk and save time.
  3. Avoid emotional betting. Choose the best odds; not your favorite team. Matched betting is a mathematic technique that relies on numbers.
  4. Manage your bankroll effectively and keep track of your bets and profits. Use a tracking tool like Profit Tracker.
  5. Use a reliable matched betting platform such as ProfitDuel. We help thousands of Americans make money every month with top software, strategies and support.

5. Start Making Money With Win Win Sports Bets Now

Avoid relying on luck to win when betting. Instead, use a win-win sports betting strategy that can guarantee success every time.

When followed correctly, the matched betting process can ensure a sustainable and profitable experience. And anyone can do it, even a complete beginner…

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