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The Hustle Report Friday,
15th March 2024

Hey there,

We'd all like a few more dollars in our pockets, right?

Paying for vacations. Covering the cost of groceries. Helping with birthday presents. Whatever it is, putting a bit of extra cash in your account is always great.

A side hustle is an awesome way to do that. So scroll down and see what I'm sharing this week to help you move forward and see success with your side hustle - let's go! 


How to improve right now and why it's so important

The most successful people in the world are the ones who are constantly pushing to make their lives better. They're always looking at how they can do something more. Something else.

Professor Jordan Peterson talks about the importance of this here, explaining how you can improve - and why it's so important to do so.


The power of positivity

Joe Wicks, best-selling author and fitness coach, is known for being super positive - and in this video, he explains why being positive and having a positive outlook can significantly change your life.


The importance of a side hustle and why everyone should have one

It's no surprise that I love a side hustle, and this awesome article touches on what a side hustle could mean for you. It covers:

  • Financial security
  • Skill development 
  • Passion pursuit
  • Networking 

A really great piece by Elena Agaragimova, take the time to check it out and see just why you should be moving forward with your side hustle.


Tips, Tricks & More
6 expert tips on how to start your side hustle

The most successful side hustlers are the ones who know the most. It's as simple as that. We can all continue to learn more. So if that's you read this and continue to improve your knowledge.


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