Over $600 in risk-free cash, how Stephen earned $650 in two weeks, and more

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Profits Weekly Wednesday,
10th January 2024

Hey there,

This last week has been crazy. There's so much profit on offer right now.

The second week of January can be dark, grey, and miserable for so many of us - but don't let it put you off earning.

The potential for big profits is huge at the minute - and the first bit of information below should really get you moving!


A Risk-Free $600 at HardRock Bet

If you're in New Jersey, you've got so many awesome casino offers open to you.

And with this one from Hard Rock Casino, you've got the chance to walk away with over $600 risk-free.

As ever, you get everything you need to maximize your earnings from this offer. Just login, take a look and hit reply to this email if you need a hand!


Customer Stories: Stephen From New Jersey

There's no better feeling than making money. Seeing it in your account is just fantastic.

And it's even better when it's risk-free.

Stephen became a ProfitDuel premium member last month and in his first two weeks banked over $650.

Check out his story - it's great to see what he's got planned next!


The Importance of a Bankroll to Maximize Profits 

In Stephen's story above, he talks about building up his bankroll.

Although you can start with whatever money you have available, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to bankrolls to ensure you maximize each opportunity - and put as much money into your account as you can!


Become an Affiliate and Make $1000s Each Month

There's a common theme across our members who are earning the most money each month.

Not only are they using ProfitDuel, but they're affiliates. They're getting paid to refer new members.

Not thought about becoming an affiliate yet? Have a read of this piece by Jenna to understand what it takes to be a successful affiliate.


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