Here's $850 profit and an awesome insight into how Dylan made over $10k! ๐Ÿ’ธ

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Profits Weekly Wednesday,
24th January 2024

Hey there,

How's your 2024 started?

If a bit of extra cash would help (there's an $850 offer below), you need some motivation (see how Dylan earned around $10,000 in a few months) or want to watch how someone's earning with ProfitDuel in New York (Claudia's video is awesome!), we've got your covered.

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Earn $850 With PointsBet

This PointsBet offer is insane!

In your first 10 days with them, they'll give you 10 x $100.

And we've got everything to show you how to turn them into around $850 of genuine cash you can withdraw.


Customer Stories: Dylan From New Jersey

Dylan's a great example of just how awesome ProfitDuel can be alongside your normal job.

Working a corporate 9 to 5, Dylan became a premium member a few months back and in that time, has banked around $10,000 in profit - and it's all going towards his upcoming honeymoon!


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Different Types of Betting Odds and How They Work

The more you know, the easier things are. It's true with anything in life - including our side hustle.

We wrote this piece recently to give you an insight into the different betting odds you might come across.

Like we've said before, you don't need to like sports in any way, shape or form to make $1,000+ each month with ProfitDuel - but knowing a bit of the terminology and how things work can help!


"This feels like a secret money maker" Claudia Bellofatto on Profit Duel

Sometimes, it's best to see how to earn money from someone who's done it.

So we helped Claudia head to New York where she recorded her journey and started earning with ProfitDuel.

Skip to 45 seconds to start seeing Claudia's screen as she begins to bank her first profit.

Got any questions? Just ask! We're always happy to chat.


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