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Profits Weekly - Wednesday, November 15th 2023

Hey there,

I've had so many awesome conversations over the last few days that this email pretty much wrote itself!

From chatting to Paul, one of our newest members, to reminding some of our other members that you can access the offers in every available state across the country, take a look at everything we've got to share this week to help you earn more with ProfitDuel.



The latest tools to maximize profits 

Our whole focus at ProfitDuel is simple - to help you make money online.

There's literally thousands of dollars available from sign up offers and promos alone, and just as much from regular reload offers.

And hey, we show you exactly how to turn these into guaranteed profits.

But we're about so much more.

We're continually enhancing our software and introducing new tools, and we're adding new calculators regularly right now.

Explore the current lineup of calculators here and discover how they can help you maximize your profits even further


$40,000: earn big across 15 states 

We show you how to make guaranteed, risk-free money from the sign up promos and offers online sportsbooks and casinos provide.

To access these promos and offers, you need to physically be in state. You can't do them remotely.

But it's super important you remember there is a very important difference between being in a state and living in a state.

You. Don't. Need. To. Live. In. A. State. To. Access. That. State's. Offers.

There's over $40,000 of sign up offers and promos alone available right now, and you can state hop as much as you wish to access them all.


Our top affiliates take home $1,000 each month

Our best performing affiliates are taking home thousands of dollars each month simply by referring new members to ProfitDuel.

It doesn't cost anything to sign up to become an affiliate, and how active you are is totally dependent on how much time you have - but the more new members you send to ProfitDuel, the more money you earn.

You'll get a 50% share of net revenue for every premium member you refer, regardless of whether it's an annual or monthly membership.

Discover more on how you can become an affiliate and earn thousands each month.


Join the community

If we imagined you only had 60 seconds to spare right now to do something that will make a difference for maximizing your earnings, I'd recommend joining our community on Discord every single time.

It takes a few seconds to sign up, but you'll get so much value.

Jump in and take a look over the last few days' of messages and you'll see:

  • Details of brand new offers before they hit the site ✅
  • Insights from our community on how they've made their profits 💸
  • Direct contact with our support team (and our amazing members who love helping others!) 💬

Join now (it doesn't cost a dime) and it'll be the best way you spend 60 seconds today.


Members showing love for ProfitDuel

We always want to share what our members say. Whether it's on Discord, Trustpilot or our website, it's important you hear from others who are making genuine money with ProfitDuel.

And so we've just added a brilliant insight from Paul in New Jersey to the site. Paul's brand new to this side hustle, but has already earned nearly $200 in his first few days.

Click here to read Paul's story in full.

If you have any questions at all just ask - we're all here to help you earn thousands of dollars each month. 

See you next week!

Jack Taylor


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