Pocket up to $250, an easy $35, and more ways to make money this week

Profits Weekly - Wednesday, December 6th 2023

Hey there,

I'm going to keep this super short this week - it's not long until Christmas, and we're going to keep showing you how to put money in your account to help.

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Get the latest money making offers via Discord 

Our Discord community is known for our members sharing hints, tips and advice, and our support team being available to answer any questions you might have.

But did you know we also share new offers as and when they become available directly into Discord?

Earlier this week we shared how you could have made a mega quick, easy and guaranteed $35. It took about two minutes to complete.

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Up to $250 risk-free with 'Betrivers'

This BetRivers offer is so good.

For new accounts, you can get up to $500 in free bets - and we'll show you how to turn this into $250.

The value changes state-by-state, but whatever free bets you get, we've got the software, strategies and support to ensure you walk away with guaranteed money.


Guaranteed money for just $1

You really can't get much for $1 today.

But what it does buy you is full access to ProfitDuel for 7 days.

This isn't our free trial where we show you how to make your first $100.

It's completely full access. You could literally start to make thousands of dollars.

Take a look now and start putting some money in your account before Christmas.


Sophia has made just above $5,000 

I love hearing from our members as they make money. It's exactly what we're here to do - to put real cash into your bank account.

When we spoke to Sophia, she'd banked over $5,000 and was putting it towards her European cycling trip!


Matched betting as a side hustle 

We talk about side hustles a lot at ProfitDuel, and I totally believe what we help you do - matched betting - is the best side hustle out there.

There's a great piece here from Jenna which looks at it more (including how much you could expect to earn on an hourly basis - and it's probably more than you think).


As ever any questions just ask - we're are simply here to help you earn thousands of dollars each month.

Jack Taylor



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